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The pressure was building up and I could feel my knuckles whiten as I gripped the knife and fork.
I saw the waitress approaching to collect our empty starter plates and tried to prepare myself for the assault I knew was coming.
I felt Susie’s toe press against the opening of my pussy, stretching the fabric of my panties as she tried to force her toe inside.
As the waitress reached to lift my plate, Susie flicked her toe against my clit while her other foot ran along the inside of my thigh.
Again, I couldn‘t stop the groan coming out of my mouth as I looked at the waitress, I felt the humiliation rising as I realised she knew exactly what was going on.
The smirk on her face seeming to say ‘you dirty little slut, I know exactly what you are doing‘ and I felt my cheeks redden as she walked away.
I felt Susie remove her feet and raised my eyes to look at her as she leaned over and refilled my wine glass and put her hand over mine on the table.
She smiled again, her eyes sparkling and alive.
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She leaned in close as if she was about to confess something.
I too leaned in, eager to be in her conspiracy.
“Go to the restroom and remove your panties.
” The order, for that was what it was, was delivered deadpan, no smile, no wink.
I was put in my place.
I nodded and stood, straightened my dress as best I could and walked to the bathroom.
Not daring to glance back to see if there was any sign of dampness on the chair.
In the stall in the bathroom, I quickly removed my panties.
They were very damp and I inhaled the scent of myself on them as I held them to my nose.
I rubbed the gusset against my cheek, knowing this is where her foot had touched.
Then, I crumpled them up into a ball so it wouldn‘t be quite so obvious to people what I was carrying and walked quickly back to the table.
Susie was on her phone when I got back and unsure what to do, I stood beside her at the table and waited for her to finish.
It seemed like forever though it was only a minute or two before she hung up, looked up at me, scowled and said “Sit down then’.
As I sat in my seat, she looked quizzically at me and said “Well.
Where are they?’ “I.
in my hand,” I managed to stammer, holding up my fist containing the ball of material.
She scowled and ordered me to lay them out of the table beside my wine glass so everyone could admire my choice of underwear.
I looked around, relieved that the restaurant was quite empty, it being a Tuesday night and with a sigh of resignation, laid them out on the table, the pale pink lace making it obvious to anyone who passed what exactly was on the table. Royalw hdxxx caht.

Royalw hdxxx caht.
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