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Masturbating took a lot of that teenage angst away.
I’d do it in the morning before school and a few times before going to bed.
I never really had any wet dreams like we learned about in health class.
My body didn’t need wet dreams to release the tension, I was taking care of that on my own.
Anyway, that was my mediocre life up until the spring of our Read Full Post…

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Still stretched out she looked back at Miss Bentner who was smiling.
That told you didn’t it, Mrs.
Carson? Mrs.
Carson sniffed and sobbed as she tried to understand what had been said.
She heard the words but they took a few seconds to sink in.
When they did Mrs.
Carson wasn’t happy.
I can’t have the 16 year old dealing with me.
That isn’t fair at all.
Elizabeth looked up and saw a stern look on Miss Bentner’s face.
Is it Miss? she said, adding the sign of respect.
Miss Bentner replied, You do have a choice.
Do I?” Elizabeth asked.
Do I, Miss, Hannah said sternly.
Elizabeth swallowed hard; sure she would pay for her omission later.
Do I, Miss? asked Elizabeth Yes.
I can deal with you as well as Emma.
Just like today in fact.
Really, Miss? Elizabeth asked.
There are conditions.
Miss? Elizabeth asked.
I will want disciplinary control over you.
So Read Full Post…

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Susie had a list of girls and didn‘t care letting you know just who she’d been with the night before.
I thought ‘this is a test.
If I choose the wrong outfit I’ll fail.
’ I scanned my wardrobe, pulling outfit after outfit out onto the bed or onto the floor as I searched for the perfect outfit to make an entrance.
Finally at 7.
45pm I was ready.
One last check in the mirror as I ran my eyes approvingly over my outfit.
I went for classy and tasteful rather than slutty.
A simple black dress, mid thigh with long sleeves, tight fitted, high necked, puritanical almost, though not puritanical enough to hide my 34C breasts which I ran my hands over, feeling the nipples harden through the material at the thought that Susie might do the same.
To contrast the plain black dress, underneath I wore French knickers with a matching bra.
French knickers were Susie’s one weakness and these would knock her out.
They were a pale pink, almost nude colour with lace trim in a pinkish white and embroidered details, I knew she would approve of these. Moyhyi mallu real grik online chat.
I decided to go against wearing stockings and after a final choice between knee high boots or open toed 4 inch heeled sandals, I went for the heels.
I walked into the restaurant at 8 on the dot.
When I mentioned I was meeting Mistress Susie, the waiter‘s eyes lit up and he led me directly to your table.
I could feel you checking me out, giving me the once Read Full Post…

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Even if, in his eyes, I’m a mere human, for this night I’m his human.
I’m wondering why he is waiting.
I’m ready for him, dripping honey from my core.
But he keeps waiting as the music rises and falls, our onlookers becoming more daring with each other.
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I get lost in the strange arousing sights for a minute… and then I feel it.
Fingertips slowly trace from between my shoulder blades, along my back, to the base Read Full Post…