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But as her hands began to massage the muscles in my thigh, my cock argued with me that this was a beautiful woman with lovely features who was caressing me in a very intimate way.
“Troy,” Dianne said softly.
My heart seemed to stop beating.
I tried to hold my breath, to fight the deep intakes of air that seemed to be pounding in my ears.
My chest heaved up and down and my hands were clenched in fists at my side.
“Yes?” I said, my voice a higher pitch than I would have liked.
“If you want to turn over I can rub the other sides of your legs,” Dianne said.
“No,” I muttered, knowing what she would see if she flipped me over now.
“It’s okay.
I should get back to my room.
” “Nonsense,” Dianne scoffed.
“You need the other side of your body rubbed as well.
Now flip!” She shifted herself off of me, her body to the side as I flipped over.
Slowly, struggling to rid myself of the erection that I knew would be painfully obvious, I turned over on the bed.
I stared at the ceiling, afraid to make eye contact with the older woman when she saw what other tensions had arisen in my body. Samanthahot naked free chat.
I heard a soft intake of breath as Dianne saw my bulging pants, my cock struggling to break out into the open.
My body tensed, waiting for her to say something embarrassing that would make me sit up and leave the room.
But, instead, she said nothing.
Once again, she lifted her leg and straddled my body, one thigh on either side of me, her thighs rubbing against the rough fabric of my jeans.
I felt her hands begin to rub my thighs, caressing the thick muscles there, rubbing the tension out of my legs.
I gasped, my cock pushing against the zipper again and making me wince in pain.
“Are you all right?” Dianne asked, her hands stopping their soothing movements.
Yeah,” I said.
“My pants are just a bit uncomfortable.
” “You can take them off,” she suggested, nonchalantly shrugging her shoulders.
I looked at her, my eyes wide in surprise.
This didn‘t seem like a proper thing for my mother-in-law to suggest.
Come on,” she teased, her whole face smiling at me.
“You’re wearing underwear, aren‘t you?” I nodded and slowly moved my hands down to my pants, undoing the fly.
She shifted her weight to one side so that I could pull the jeans down my body and let the fall to the floor.
Again, I was aware of my erection, poking through my boxers and straight at the softly rounded belly of my mother-in-law, straddling me with her smooth thighs.

I struggled to hold in a groan as she moved down my body, her hands rubbing my bare skin.
I could feel the soft pads of her fingers working their way into my sore flesh, and my cock began to throb with need. Kiramalina hot naked girls on cam.

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