Kittykatte kannada sex picture.

Kittykatte kannada sex picture.
I say “I was wondering how long it was going to take for you to say that, but don’t worry though, I know exactly what to give a cock crazed slut like you.
“With that I open the drawer and pull out a tube of lube and the biggest vibrator that we have, the one that I bought you.
You know what‘s coming next and your pussy and your ass twitch at the idea of it.
I tell you to be a good girl and get on your knees.
You get on your knees and lay on your chest on the bed, so that I have full access to your ever wettening pussy and ass.
Secretly this is what you had been wanting all along, but were worried that I wouldn‘t think it was appropriate for Valentine’s Day.
As you think this to yourself I begin to rub lube over my raging hard on.
Then I pour some lube on your asshole and the coldness from it sends shivers down your spine.
Just as you are getting over the initial shock, I slide two fingers in your asshole and you can’t help but to moan as I work them around to loosen your asshole up so I can fit my ever-growing cock in there.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist I give you the vibrator and tell you to lube it up so it’s ready. Hotstefany cam virtuel solo.
As you do this you look in my eyes and see an entirely different man in them.
It’s not so much the look of an educated and ‘civil’ man, but more like an animal, going in for it’s prey-which just happens to be you.
These looks and thoughts scare and excite you at the same time.
Just then I make my way over to you with my huge cock leading the way.
I grab your hips and guide the head of my dick to your asshole, and ask you, ‘Are you ready for what’s comin to ya?’You’re not sure, but you say yes anyways and with that I begin to push my massive member inside you.
As I enter you, you hold your breath.
I’m filling you up quickly, and it hurts a little, but also feels extremely good at the same time.
I grab your hips and finish pushing inside you until I’m all the way inside you, and you can feel my balls resting on your pussy.
You stay there for a little while, and tell me to stay still, until you’re body can adjust to having a huge cock inside your ass.
After a little while you feel your ass begin to relax around my cock.
You take a breath and prepare for round two.
You push my balls off of your pussy lips and spread them with the head of the vibrator.
You slowly begin to insert it deeper and deeper into your pussy.
The feelings are so intense that you moan and I can feel your body shiver as it takes a 16 inches of cock.
I can feel the vibrator sliding deeper into your pussy through your ass, while my cock is stretching it out. Kittykatte kannada sex picture.

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