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She watched as Jack sprayed out a small palm full of shaving cream into his hand.
Jack worked the gel into a foamy lather with his fingers from his other hand.
He then told Ellen to lean back a bit and spread her legs wider for him.
Ellen lies back on her elbows and pulled her feet to rest on the top bench, she then spread her knees wide apart exposing her entire underside to her lover, her barber.
Jack began to gently cover Ellen’s trimmed pubic hair with a soapy lather.
Carefully working the shaving cream to cover her with a good layer of cream, not too thick and not too thin just the right amount.
Working on his lover was making Jack super aroused. Emylycherazad dirty mobile chat.
He had always dreamed about shaving a lover, man or woman, and now he was fulfilling that fantasy.
His huge cock pulsated as he worked, precum once again leaking from his large piss hole.
When Jack had Ellen covered with shaving cream from thigh to thigh, and from above her clit to her asshole, he was ready to begin.
He took a firm grip on the razor.
Felt the area that he was to shave, determined the direction the pubic hair grew.
He carefully placed the razor and proceeded to shave with the grain.
After each pass, Jack rinsed the razor in the basin of water clearing the razor of any stubble.
He repeated this process, slowly and methodically until Ellen was void of any pubic hair.
The process aroused both of the lovers.
Jack was fully erect the entire time, his cock periodically pulsing, pumping generous amounts of precum from his cock.
Ellen too was extremely aroused, her labia were completely engorged, clit and minor lips were taut, stiff and hard. Mary-angel rondomchat com.

Mary-angel rondomchat com.
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