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Lie down, she ordered when she recovered.
She straddled my face, lowered her now very wet pussy to my lips and engulfed my cock in her mouth.
How good it was to be with her again!’ The foreplay moved seamlessly into sex, her riding me until she came, then I rolled on top of her and pounded into her until I burst, pumping weeks of spunk into her spasming cunt.
I showered and got dressed to go out.
This was a new departure for Karl.
We had never been to a restaurant together near where they lived, but that is what he had arranged.
I wondered what the evening held.
I had had a questioning look on my face when Karl told me of his plan.
Picking up on my expression, Almira tapped my nose with her finger and said, You’ll enjoy this, I assure you! She added a grin and a wink.
When I came down into the hall, Karl was there in blazer and slacks, and Almira sat just inside the lounge in a full-length, black leather coat.
The only hints of things to come were the high heels and gladiatorstyle webbing of the boots that ran up under the hem of her coat. Naughtyxboyx crossdresser bongacam.
A taxi arrived and took us to the restaurant.
We were greeted in reception and shown upstairs rather than into the dining room.
It was a room full of polished wood and leather, with a circular table laid for three.
Glass cupboards with internal lights were on two walls.
Our coats were taken and hung in a closet, then the maitre d’ left, giving Almira a lustful glance as he backed out of the door.
And I could fully understand why.
The leather coat had covered up shin-high, heeled gladiator boots, a very short red dress with deeply cut sides and a back that dived to her waist.
And very little else.
Looking at her, my hunger returned and not for food.
The table was laid unevenly, with two chairs relatively close together and the third opposite them.
Karl took the single chair, leaving me to seat Almira next to me.
Even before I offered her the white cotton napkin her hand was on my cock.
Umm , she purred, I see you like my dress.
All three of us laughed.
Two superb courses were served, together with a crisp white followed by a fullbodied red wine for Karl and me.
Almira never drank alcohol.
I was never sure if that was from her Egyptian heritage or out of choice.
She certainly didn‘t need a drink to get her in the mood.
She seemed to be permanently horny.
Early in the meal, I returned her favour and explored the very short way up her skirt.
I was surprised to feel lace.
She had panties on, something that she did as infrequently as possible.
I put it down to the fact we were out to eat. Wicked4some live chat call girl sex free.

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