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Shall we go and find him then, said Alison.
I think a gesture of goodwill is called for don’t you? answered Jane.
They found Ron just staring out of the window.
He was trying not to dare to hope, but that kiss from Jane had felt so real.
Then he began to laugh as he heard a duet behind him begin to singHappy Birthday.
’ When he turned around he thought his heart was going to stop.
Jane and Alison were walking toward him; both had removed their sweaters and bras.
You haven’t seen these in a while, said Jane, taking his right hand and placing it on her left breast.
I don’t think you have ever seen these Ron, said Alison treating his left hand in a like manner.
Ron was speechless.
Suddenly it was as if a huge weight had been lifted from him.
Eight months of neglect had taken its toll, only he knew the tortured black places he had been to in his mind.
His lips began to quiver and tears were streaming down his face.
Both women closed on him and began to cry also.
I’ve been a bitch, I’m sorry Ron, said Jane, I didn’t realise just how much I was hurting you. Reyma-v chat sex rms.
I feel as if I let Ted down, wept Alison.
They held on to each other.
The two girls tried to squeeze Ron into the embrace that had been so long denied him.
They hugged him, while he regained control.
Then Ron began to laugh, and the two women looked up in alarm.
My darlings, we’ve just had a ‘menage a trois’ moment.
We all shared the same thing, at the same time.
We came to tell you to forget about making more tea, said Alison, and get something else out for us to drink.
Then we have to put some things to the test, said Jane.
Such as? enquired Ron.
All in good time, said Jane.
I’m going to de-frost some ‘Coq au Vin’ for us to have this evening, and get it into the oven.
Ali and I are going upstairs to shower and get changed, and we’ll change the sheets too.
If you have a shower also Ron then we’ll set the table and relax, and then we explain what we have in mind.
It was with a much lighter heart than he had for a long time that Ron showered and changed, and then came down stairs.
He had wine ready, and the table set, when Jane and Alison came down, and they both looked gorgeous.
Fortunately they were of similar size.
Ron recognised both the long Summer skirts and blouses as coming from Jane’s wardrobe.
He also noticed that neither of them had put on a bra again, and he was thrilled by their swaying breasts.
A glass of wine lovely ladies and then I want to show you something upstairs.
Ooh! Are we safe, do think Ali? For the moment, yes, replied Ron leading the way. Inessastar crossdresser cam to cam chat por.

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