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That was a big mistake on his part.
The man took two more steps towards him, and in a flash Jimmy was on him.
Before she even realized what was going on, Jimmy had dispatched two of the men.
The leader of the group was laying on the ground screaming in pain and holding his knee as his leg was bent in a very odd and disturbing angle.
Another man was laying unconscious in a nearby dumpster.
Jimmy had broken the leg off of a discarded table and was using it as a club to throttle the third man, while the fourth had enough sense to cut and run while he still had two good legs.
With a rapidfire barrage of blows with the impromptu club, Jimmy put the remaining thug out of service, then turned to the terrified and shaking young girl.
” she said, shrinking away from him as he approached her.
She squatted down and curled up against the wall, making herself as small as she could and covered her face.
“It’s okay, miss.
I’m not going to hurt you,” he said.
Jimmy sat down on a pallet next to her so he wouldn‘t look so intimidating. Esssscada sexchat no sign up.
Slowly she raised her head and saw him sitting there smiling at her.
She looked at him for a long moment before the realization hit her.
She moved quickly to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face in his shoulder, sobbing and shaking uncontrollably.
Jimmy sat there in the alley holding her for several minutes.
Finally she stopped her sobbing and calmed down enough to stand.
Jimmy stood up, offering her his hand.
She gratefully took it and he pulled her to her feet, steadying her as she stood.
“Are you all right now?” he asked her.
yes, I.
I think so,” she said.
She looked down at her clothes, which had gotten dirty and the sleeve was torn from being grabbed so roughly by the thugs.
“Oh, my clothes! I’m a sight!” she said.
You look fine.
So what happened anyway?” Jimmy asked.
“I had just gotten off of work.
These four creeps stopped me as I was walking to my car and forced me down this alley.
” “Where do you work?” “I’m a barmaid in the pub around the corner.
I had just gotten off shift and was headed home.
And now look at me!” “Well, you are still pretty shaky.
Are you okay to drive home?” “I.
I don’t know,” she said.
Tell you what, why don’t we go to your bar and have a drink until you calm down and can drive home?” “Yes, I think I probably should.
I don’t think I can drive right now.
And the least I can do is buy you a drink for rescuing me,” she said.
“My name is Jimmy.
Jimmy Laughlin,” he said.
Nice to meet you Jimmy, I’m Maria Brookes,” she said. Luckymargorit free adult random cam to cam chat.

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