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I released him from my mouth and soon began sucking and licking his balls.
I could hear his breathing quicken as urged his balls into my mouth.
I looked up at Mr.
Patterson and said, “Now you’re in control, baby.
I want you to fuck my throat hard, and don’t stop until you cum down my throat.
Speechless, Mr.
Patterson nodded and slowly inserted his cock into my mouth and began to pump his hips.
I could feel his balls slapping against my chin, only causing my pussy to become more and more wet. Michellfoox- cam show chat.
“Oh yes.
Oh fuck.
Your throat’s so tight.
Yes, baby.
Fuck! Madison.
Fuck, I’m going to cum.
” I watched Mr.
Patterson‘s face as he shot his entire load into the back of my throat.
He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I licked my lips and swallowed the rest of his cum.
Patterson gaped at me.
That was amazing.
” The bell rang, signaling only 3 minutes left of our break, and cutting off any other thoughts me may have had.
We walked out of his office and took our normal spots in the classroom.
Although that was over, we knew we weren‘t finished. Lunawednesday gay text chat without registration.

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