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“Oh fuck,” she moaned as I pressed them together.
“Don’t stop,” she ordered.
Bouncing harder.
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Squeezing and pinching the nipples.
Lauren rocked her head back as she took me all the way down.
She stopped as she pushed her ass down on my dick and rolled her hips in small circles.
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Lauren nodded and began to bounce and grind hard on me.
I pushed her up and bent her over.
“That’s it fuck my ass, fuck it hard,” she screamed.
I buried my dick deep between her ass cheeks.
I watched as she took it all inside her.
I slapped her hard on each cheek.
That‘s it use me, fuck me, treat me like your fucking boss slut!” she said.
“Fuck your boss in the ass!” I fucked her as hard as I could.
“I’m cumming,” I roared.
I pulled back on her hair.
“Dump it, fill my ass with your cum,” she screamed.
I lurched forward and stood on tip toes as I came inside her.
With each spasm, I throbbed shooting cum inside her. Wildjasmie free sex instant message.

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