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Sweetshot nudist chats.
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Sweetshot nudist chats.
Oh my God, do you always lounge around here topless? What’s this world coming to? Rod said with faux annoyance, then laughed.
Marisa located her top and placed it loosely around her breasts and glared at him, her eyes wide with shocked embarrassment.
Rod took the lounge chair next to her and sat facing her.
You’re home early, Marisa said.
Well? Well what? she asked, her hands clutched on the bikini top covering her tits.
Do you always lay out here topless? Well, not always, she said, relaxing.
Her face broke into a smile.
Sometimes I go bottomless too! Hmmm, Rod said.
I’d like to check that out sometime.
I don’t think it’s anything you haven’t already seen before, is it? Rod reached over and grabbed onto her bikini top.
He tried to pull it away but Marisa held it tight.
Come on, Marisa, let go.
Make my day.
They both smiled flirtatiously.
Rod imagined the twinkle in her eyes behind her Ray-Bans.
She loosened her grip on the flimsy garment.
He pulled it away and tossed it onto the seat cushion beside her. Sexygames porn pakistan.
There, he said.
That’s better.
How long did you stare at me before you came outside and said something? Long enough.
I stare at you all the time.
You look good, Marisa.
Thank you.
You wearing your butt plug right now? Don’t be naughty, now.
I still have the one you gave me.
I stick it up there sometimes, whenever I think of you.
Marisa looked down and pretended to move something imaginary from her sweaty stomach.
Do you need help with anything? he asked.
Spreading suntan lotion on any hard-to-reach spots? Like your erogenous zones, or your private parts? She stared at him a moment, her eyes a mystery behind her dark shades.
Then she collected her towel and bikini top and stood up.
It’s getting kind of hot out here, she said.
I think I’ll go inside.
She started walking to the house.
If you’re hot, why not go for a swim? he called after her.
He watched her swiveled ass and bare back as she walked away.
She opened the French doors to the master bedroom and disappeared inside.
The door was left halfway open behind her.
Rod looked at the lounge where Marisa had just lain, and he could see its impression left in the cushion.
There was a paperback book and a tall glass, Read Full Post…

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Anabelederyck free online chats horny girls.
He set it to country music, not my favorite but decent and got out his box cutters.
He told me to go back to what I was doing before he got here, so I went into my room.
Peter turned out to be quite a pleasant singer, and an even better builder.
He didn’t even have to read directions five times like I did.
Soon my coffee table, TV stand, desk and desk chair, kitchen table and chairs were constructed.
I would have normally felt uncomfortable with a stranger in my house, building my things, but maybe it was the sex fantasy that made me feel comfortable, even playful with him.
That, and he was an officer of the law.
Wow, this all looks great.
And it’s sturdy! I couldn’t help but smile.
Had I done any of this, I would have needed a lot of alcohol and it would have ended in tears.
He had even set up an air-conditioning unit for me, so the house wasn’t an oven.
Glad I could help.
Now, what else do you need done? You’re spending your whole day here! Don’t you have something else you want to go do? I’m sure you don’t want to spend the entire day assembling my stuff and helping me unpack my billion of boxes. Sashanews russkiy chat random.
There’s nothing I’d rather do.
I was suddenly aware of how close he was standing to me, towering over me, his breath smelling like bubble gum.
He put his arms around me and my knees went weak for a good reason this time.
He broke the embrace quickly and went into the kitchen.
He got his box cutter out again, and soon my coffee pot and dishes were found, and then my silverware.
We must have worked for hours; the sun was going down when everything was done.
He looked in my fridge.
I know a good grocery store just down the road.
We cruised through the store; he was the Read Full Post…

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Xhotmariconx free online sex chats with strangers girls.
I took a deep breath and was about to turn and leave the bathroom when I heard the door open and close again.
I glanced in the mirror and saw the waitress locking the door.
I turned and walked towards her, about to ask her what she was doing when she moved quickly and with two arms outstretched pushed me against the wall.
I slammed against the wall, winded and she quickly followed up and put one hand around my Read Full Post…