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Hearing my words, Teresa placed her lips upon my mouth and began kissing me erotically.
As our tongues intertwined, I felt fingers working to unfasten my belt.
Not more than two seconds later, the same unseen hands were unsnapping my pants and pulling down my zipper.
I tensed up.
“Relax! It’s just me.
” I heard Cheryl’s voice say from between my legs.
When I raised my buttocks off the couch, she pulled down my pants and underpants with them.
Released from the confines of my clothing, my manhood pushed its way upward in her direction.
Meanwhile, Teresa who had been unbuttoning my shirt opened began running her hands softly Read Full Post…

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I got his cock out of my pussy, and I got his cock in my mouth.
Adam fucked my mouth and then gave me all his cum in my mouth.
I wrapped my lips tightly around his cock, and he held my head while filling my mouth with his cum.
I swallowed all the cum, and then cleaned his cock with my tongue.
His cum tasted really good, and I told him that.
I lay down in the bed again, and he lay down next Read Full Post…

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She points to the stairs and I follow her, admiring her flexing calves and tight, swaying buttocks as she walks upstairs to the bedroom.
There, we kiss again.
She tastes slightly sweet and our tongues find a sensuous rhythm while hands roam and our breathing becomes shallow and fast.
She slowly undresses me, still kissing and groping.
I entwine her hair in my fingers and I feel a cool hand gripping the shaft of my cock.
Annie has strong fingers.
I kiss over her collarbone down to her breasts and suck a nipple into my mouth.
It hardens under the rasps of my broad tongue.
“Mmmmm that feels so good, please don’t stop,” she says.
I adore breasts and nipples and I’m happy to continue to kiss all around hers, under and over them, lightly biting them and she moans loudly.
Squeezing, fondling, rubbing her nipples, I suck as much of her fleshy globes as possible into my mouth.
All this time, I’m cupping her bum while she has a hand wrapped around my throbbing cock.
She releases her grip and sucks her fingers, telling me how good my pre-cum tastes, before dipping her head to lick up any remaining drops. Katy-kat video sex pon cll.
She takes my cock deep into her mouth, but not for long.
She withdraws and kisses along my shaft before sucking one of my balls into her mouth while, at the same time, stroking up and down my length.
I tense as she does this, partly because it feels so good and also partly nervous, I feel very exposed and utterly vulnerable.
Not too hard and no biting! I say.
Rocking and rolling, raising my hips up off the bed, my breathing is fast and urgent as amazing sensations course through my body.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist I’ve slipped fingers inside her panties and I rub her clit.
It peeps out from under its hood, a hard sweet nub, and I’m sending Annie crazy.
Her hips buck and legs tremble as I slide fingers into her soaking pussy.
Her moans reach a crescendo and her bright blue eyes stare unblinkingly into mine while her contractions grip my fingers and she cums, her body undulating furiously as the orgasm rolls through her in waves.
Done, Annie smiles in satisfaction and reaches for my cock.
I guess she’s desperate to have me penetrate her but I Read Full Post…

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Dan knew he couldn‘t hold out much longer, his bell end was purple and bulbous.
Sandy combined her sucking with a rhythmic tugging of his foreskin.
His legs were starting to wobble, Sandy could feel the pounding of his heart in the end of his cock.
She wanted him to cum now.
She wanted to taste all that spunk, to feel the warmth of his salty love on her face.
Oooooh fuck! Oooh yes Sandy! Yes! Suck it.
Suck it! I’m gonna cum! There were gasps around the studio. Bestboy1993 eroticheski video chat.
He was so far gone, lost to the moment and Sandy’s incredible blow job skills.
He began to tremble and shake and with one last, huge groan, Dan ejaculated.
Sandy opened her mouth.
His cum spurted out.
Some went into her mouth, the rest splattered her cheeks and dribbled onto her shiny red top.
The white droplets clung to her blouse like white pearls before the moisture began to soak in.
Abbie and Irene gave each other high fives, before signing out and handed control of Omega back to NASA.
“Hey baby! We did it!” Said Abbie, breathlessly.
“Yes! Not such a butter wouldn‘t melt Read Full Post…

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I shoved my finger as deep as I could and continued to suck on her cunt lips.
As her orgasm reached its peak, her whole body shuttered and then relaxed with her legs just dangling over the edge of the bed.
Her eyes were closed and as her breathing slowly came back to normal, I scooted up to kiss her.
She wrapped her arms around my neck, kissed me and then whispered, I’ve never cum like that, ever.
I kissed her again.
She said, Oh my God, I can’t wait until we fuck.
I smothered her with kisses on her lips, cheeks, nose, forehead, eye lids, her neck, and nibbled on her ear lobes.
She had her arms around my neck and took one hand and squeezed it between us and found my hard cock. Minahawk horny teen free chat.
She was trying to manipulate my cock but we were wound tightly together.
I leaned up on my elbows, allowing some space between us, and she began to stroke my shaft, and murmuring, Oh yeah, what a big hard cock.
I rose up to a waist high position and she said, Oh Read Full Post…

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She threw the covers back and lowered her head to take my cock in her mouth, she slid her mouth up and down my cock a few times, swirling her tongue around my shaft and tip as she went.
I arched my back slightly in pleasure, she released my cock and came up to kiss me, the moans coming through the walls.
Sounds like she is having fun, wouldn’t mind being in there with them, watching.
I looked at Jade, Really, do you think you could just watch, I would have to be with you otherwise you would be fingering your pussy within seconds.
Mmm, if you were with me, I would want you to fuck me, if you were not with me then I would want to join in.
It was my turn to moan slightly, Would you really join in? Oh yes, Hannah is a real hottie, she has a gorgeous pair of tits perfect for sucking and playing with and I would love to taste her cunt.
What? You never told me you fancied girls.
You never asked, but yes, I have dabbled, but I still prefer cock, especially your cock.
With that Jade slid down my body and reaching my cock she licked up and down it for a few seconds before putting her mouth over the tip and staring into my eyes. Rebeccacross live female usa sex webcam.
I gazed into her deep blue eyes as she sank deeper and deeper onto my cock until she had taken the whole length down her throat.
She then began Read Full Post…

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I smiled at Joe and crawled between his legs.
His soft cock glistened with the mixture of pussy juice and cum.
I licked his dick clean before starting to stroke and suck it.
At first, I wasn’t sure he was going to respond but I got excited when I felt his cock growing in my mouth.
Quickly my mouth was full of hard cock.
Wow, you are amazing.
How would you like to fuck? I scooted up his torso, I think I would like to ride that nice cock of yours and give you a little play time with my titties.
I lined up my pussy and pushed it down onto his cock.
Mmm, my cock in your sweet pussy and your tits in my face.
It doesn’t get better than this.
Joe sucked and squeezed my tits.
Your cock feels so good in my pussy, I said, riding him hard.
Joe pulled me down to his lips.
I hadn’t planned on kissing him but got Read Full Post…

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The way she smiled at me let me know just how I was going to be spending my weekend.
It was Saturday and I had to work 8:-noon.
I returned home and Carol was still wearing her night clothes.
A short neglige which barely covered her panties.
She welcomed me with a wet kiss and said she had to take a shower I got a beer out of the fridge.
Half way thru the beer, I heard her say “Honey, come look at this” I entered the bathroom and she stood before me completey naked.
There was my angel completely nude and dripping wet.
My eyes first looked at her beautiful blonde hair and into her strikingly magnificent blue eyes.
My gaze lowered towards her supple breasts.
I Read Full Post…