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Still stretched out she looked back at Miss Bentner who was smiling.
That told you didn’t it, Mrs.
Carson? Mrs.
Carson sniffed and sobbed as she tried to understand what had been said.
She heard the words but they took a few seconds to sink in.
When they did Mrs.
Carson wasn’t happy.
I can’t have the 16 year old dealing with me.
That isn’t fair at all.
Elizabeth looked up and saw a stern look on Miss Bentner’s face.
Is it Miss? she said, adding the sign of respect.
Miss Bentner replied, You do have a choice.
Do I?” Elizabeth asked.
Do I, Miss, Hannah said sternly.
Elizabeth swallowed hard; sure she would pay for her omission later.
Do I, Miss? asked Elizabeth Yes.
I can deal with you as well as Emma.
Just like today in fact.
Really, Miss? Elizabeth asked.
There are conditions.
Miss? Elizabeth asked.
I will want disciplinary control over you.
So Read Full Post…

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You drop your riding whip and I feel you position yourself behind me, one hand on my hip and with the other I feel not the stick but something thick and hard.
It is your cock and, showing no mercy, you thrust it into my cunt from behind, one sudden straight plunge.
I feel your balls bang against my bum so I know you are balls deep with the first thrust.
I am so very wet.
You slowly back off from that first plunge into my soggy Read Full Post…

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I was amazed at how tight she felt with just two fingers and three was a stretch, I couldn’t wait to have my cock in her.
“Daddy’s fingers feel so good, fuck your little girl‘s pussy with your fingers daddy” she begged thrusting up against my hand.
Take off your shirt baby let daddy see the rest of your beautiful little body” I said still thrusting my fingers into her snatch.
I watched as she slowly undid the straps on her teddy and let it fall away, her little nubs standing hard against her perky breasts. Legs777 amrca bbw.
“Ohh yes my baby girl is so beautiful just like her mother.
Let me play with your breasts baby girl” I said removing my fingers from her tight little slit and running my hands up her body until I could get ahold of her sweet teenage breasts.
My hands started massaging her breast enjoying how they fit perfectly into my palms.
After a bit I couldn‘t stand it anymore and new I had to taste those Read Full Post…

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Plus, some adult coloring books and crayons.
There are tears in my eyes as I run, well toddle as fast as I can, to you.
I hug you and kiss you and thank you.
Oh, you like your new desk, do you? you ask me.
I had the carpenters working on our house make that as your first piece of new furniture.
We’ll put it in the living room facing my den, so we can see each other as we work.
I look you in the eyes and tell you Thank you Read Full Post…

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The airline was really nice about exchanging my ticket for an earlier flight.
I think the young woman at the ticket counter sensed that I’m horny as hell to be with my man, and she could empathize.
Anyway, I’ll be home sooner than expected today, and that means we WILL have time to go to a motel this afternoon after all.
I should be landing around 1:00 and that means we can start our motel fun around 2:00 or 2:30.
I already booked the room.
So I’m on my way to you, darling.
I’m so wet, I ache for you.
This tingling is wonderful, yet horrible for not yet having my longing fulfilled.
As I fly home toward you, toward our destiny, I’m so horny for you that I could SCREAM! Seeing that photo of you in your open shirt, I know now where I want to start nibbling on you as soon as we shut the door of OUR room.
And I already know where I want my nibbles to end up, too! I don’t know how I’m going to STAND the long cross country flight and the layover for my connecting flight, knowing that this very afternoon, all of that nice big hardness I held in my hand the day before I left, that throbbed so nicely, so lovingly, so powerfully against my palm and fingertips as I lay beneath you in the bushes. Candyh freee video chat sex vietnam girls.
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Dress more provocatively at home (I had seen her in her usual worn pants and old blouses) I then told Jean, if she wanted to get John interested in her again, she needed to take charge of their love life.
Concentrate on her good points, and try to work on her weaker qualities.
I told her, Bring back the pretty, sexy girl he married.
Since she always seemed busy with the kids, I told her, Have the kids spend the night at their grand parentshome a couple times a month.
On those nights, you needed to ‘date‘ your husband, even if you didn’t leave home.
She still looked great, and I knew John would be interested in her if she showed Read Full Post…

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Babeelovee sex chat cam free credits.
And I’m watching you fake being here with one eye on the door.
This isn’t conversation, it’s just binary code without translation where your mimicry of sorrow showcases artless imitation.
And this is not happening – though I’m almost certain that I’m wrong, blind to the landscape; I’ve treaded water way too long.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist Those aren’t tears you’re shedding; they’re just flotsam of relief at an ending that feels more like my inhumane defeat but this isn’t a game we’re playing when it’s clearly something I can’t win.
And those are clichés, dear – it’s not you, it’s me – and of course, I am not him.
This isn’t anger, it’s just a simple listing of the facts.
I won’t be begging you to stay here and you’re not bothering to ask.
So that’s not guilt you say you’re feeling so much as a mannerism stole – but this is my heart broken and a truce that cannot hold.
I’m a crossdresser in Read Full Post…