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I circled around behind her–my arms still tightly hugging the girl’s curvy body.
“Then what happens?” she whispered.
Then we fuck as hard as we can, as fast as we can, and you come like fifty times before I pull out and blow my load all over your stomach.
” As I spoke, I gave her both of her breasts a good firm squeeze.
“I think I’m gonna like this story,” she panted.
“Tell me more.
” I playfully nipped at her ear.
Maybe I should tell you in the car.
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Great, thanks.
Nice and neat so I can read them, sweetie, yeah? But she’d already gone.
Don’t think she caught that last bit.
Probably just as well, it was slightly gratuitous.
Got a little carried away.
The three of us cracked up laughing as soon as the door closed.
We were in hysterics.
Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together, I grinned.
Oh jesus, Em, you are something else.
Why thank you! Breakfast in bed! I love it! I know.
Ha ha ha.
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That feeling of edging towards bliss washes over you.
You lift yourself some, carefully, and pull your underwear off.
Ooh, the feel of the plastic caressing your cock does it, and you cum as I stir awake.
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I grin at you, and crawl off your lap between your legs and lick all evidence away.
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The sound of flesh slapping against flesh fills your bedroom.
” “Don’t stop, Dan.
” The whispered plea told me enough.
Knowing she was close helped me restrain myself, but I wouldn‘t be able to hold out much longer.
Determined to make her cum before I shot my load — and wishing I was an actual participant in what I was narrating — I tried slowing my motion.
However, my need to cum proved to be strong and I struggled to keep control.
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