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I packed up my briefcase with all of my work papers.
I grabbed a couple of beach towels, a blanket, my half empty bottle of scotch and my shopping bag with my two new outfits.
My Monday was uneventful.
I had two appointments one in Carlsbad (north of San Diego) and one in La Jolla (very close to San Diego).
I checked into a Holiday Inn in San Diego.
At the check in desk I told the agent behind the desk my fiancé would be arriving later and would like her name on the room as well.
I told them her name was Sandy Stirling.
This was something I was going to do at all the places I stayed, in case I wanted someone I met as Sandy to call me at my hotel.
I borrowed a luggage cart and went to my room with all my suitcases.
I got to my room and unpacked all of my suitcases.
I couldn’t believe how many things I had brought, I had a full closet and two drawers were filled.
I spent about a half an hour getting things together from my work day and headed downstairs.
I had the front desk fax all my orders to the corporate office and I went to the bar in the hotel. Crazytits3 online naughty girl chat about sex.
It was a nice small bar kind of dimly lit and featured a bar with about ten stools, three booths and a three pub style tables.
There were about six guys in the bar at different places all with shirts and ties, a group of traveling salesmen like myself.
I had a beer and an appetizer and then left.
I stopped by the front desk to pick up the faxes I sent and went back to my room.
I took a shower and then selected an outfit to wear.
I poured a drink as I chose and lay out a conservative outfit, but with some sexy elements.
I wore a black skirt that went just below my knees, but featured a long slit in the back that went half way up the back of my thighs.
I wore black fishnet stockings that were kept on with a black lacy garter belt.
I chose high heel black boots that went up to the hem of the skirt.
My top was a black wool sweater that was loose fitting in the top but tight at the waist.
Underneath I had a black lace bra with a matching camisole and black lace panties with my secret keeper.
I wore my black patent belt with matching buckle, gold jewelry and my henna wig.
I finished my third drink in my room and then I grabbed my black handbag with all my necessary items and walked to the elevator.
I went to the lobby and entered the bar I drank in earlier.
It was now about 9:30 and there were only two groups of guys left in the bar.
They all looked pretty drunk, as they had been drinking for at least two hours watching a football game on the television. 2wetnhorny4u pornstars chat.

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