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Todd took a deep breath, stepped forward and lowered himself across Claire’s lap.
He became ever more conscious that his bare bottom was staring up towards his friend.
He focused first on the carpet that was just inches from his face then back a bit and saw Claire’s bare legs and felt his penis stiffen at the sight of them being so close.
He had the strangest of feelings as he looked intently at her legs, wanting to kiss them, looking down at the toes that poked out of the flats and wanted to suck each and every one.
When Claire put her hand on his bottom he stiffened some more and felt himself pressing down on her thigh.
The hand was firm at it drew circles around his bottom.
Claire placed her hand on Todd’s bare bottom and started to rub in circles, building up her courage to spank her friend.
She looked at the back of his head and heard his breathing.
She suddenly felt the hardness of his penis on her bare thigh and looked up at her Aunt as though asking whether it was time to start.
Aunt Angela asked, Is this a proper spanking Claire or a friendly one. Heterodick male models naked.
Claire kept rubbing as she looked up at her Aunt, and said firmly, Oh a proper spanking Aunty.
Todd wants me to spank him until he cries.
Oh right, that’s good, a proper spanking it is then.
Well, you had better get started Claire.
Claire half nodded as she looked down at Todd’s bare bottom, still rubbing, working out just what to do.
She knew it was pretty obvious but she was marshalling her thoughts.
She made a decision, raised her hand, and brought her open palm down on Todd’s right bare bottom cheek.
Todd gasped, Claire almost did as well as her hand stung.
Claire spanked Todd’s other bottom cheek and again Claire was surprised how her hand stung.
Claire spanked Todd on each bottom cheek a few more times and her Aunt could see her niece was struggling.
She said, It gets easier for you Claire, just get over the next few spanks and Todd will be gasping more and more.
OK, Claire said but as she spanked Todd a few more times she wasn’t convinced as her hand stung with each spank and her spanks became lighter and lighter.
Todd was thinking it was too easy and was even enjoying the softer and softer spanks thinking he was just coping far more easily than he had expected.
Aunt Angela decided she needed to intervene.
Shall I show you how to do it Claire? Claire really didn’t like the way her hand was stinging and so accepted the offer.
Yes please Aunty.
OK Todd, up you get and let me sit down.
Todd edged off Claire’s lap and watched her Aunt sit down. Cindybrian live web cam sex in kerala.

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