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Keeping Connor’s penis inside my mouth the entire time, I scooted myself around the bed 180 degrees, planted my knees on either side of my lover‘s head, and dropped my pussy down right on his mouth.
Connor groaned in pleasure, immediately going to town with his tongue.
I let his cock slip from my lips for an instant, glancing back over my shoulder to tease: “Only if you suck it, too.
” Then I inhaled his shaft once again, and proceeded to give the best blowjob of my life: bobbing up and down, swirling my tongue around the tip, licking away at his testicles–I even managed to relax enough to take a good portion of him down my throat.
Meanwhile, Connor was no slouch himself when it came to oral.
He did this one thingwhere he sucked my pussy lips into his mouth and rubbed his chin against my button— “Oh, fuck.
” I moaned.
I felt the familiar tidal wave approaching, and knew I wouldn‘t be able to keep this up much longer.
Almost afraid of what I would see, I glanced back at the clock one last time: 12:00.
“Yessss!!!” I impatiently climbed off of Connor. Jessica-sin canada free live webcam sex.
What is it?” he asked, suddenly confused.
“It’s Christmas.
” I allowed myself a brief moment to appreciate the way Connor’s hunky body looked, stretched out naked across the bed beneath me.
Then I swung my leg around and positioned my cunt directly above his slick erection.
Connor’s eyes practically bugged out of his head as he watched the tip of his cock glide teasingly back and forth across my entrance.
“Oh my God, Ria, are we really doing this?” I reached down to pump his shaft a few times, luxuriating in the moment; in the realization of what was about to happen.
It was almost too much to bear.
All the years of fantasies, all the flirting and role-playing, all the ‘almosts’ and ‘what ifs’ and ‘could have beens’ that had defined my relationship with Connor.
We’d come so close to this moment, but never had the guts to take the plunge.
To go all the way.
To finally, once and for all, do what we’d always dreamed of doing.
To fuck.
“I need you, Connor,” I whispered.
“Oh my god,” he repeated.
“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
” My legs went limp and Connor‘s big, meaty cock slipped inside my body.
Ahhh!!!” Connor roared, feeling my tight pussy clench around his shaft.
I dropped my hands to his pectorals, supporting myself as I carefully took more and more of him inside of me.
It felt like every ounce of my blood was boiling beneath the skin.
It was real! It had really happened, and there was no going back.
Finally, my hips settled down onto my lover‘s body. Kroshkasweet live sex chat free.

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