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He heard the heavy clack of her heels and watched her round, majestic hips swing up over his body.
She straddled him, and when she stopped walking, her big, smooth legs towered over him.
Her ankles were deceptively slim, clad in black stockings and held up with black ribboned suspenders.
With her straddle, he could peek between the padded bulges of her inner thighs, and see her bare, swollen, cream-smeared pussy.
He gazed up, open-mouthed. Annescora live chat to bhabi.
Let me die right now, he thought, with that fat little pussy in my face.
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” She lowered herself down, knees pushing outwards as if she would leap-frog off the desk.
Her upper thighs came closer to his face, and she rocked her swollen lips before his eyes.
He could smell her.

Little crumbs of cake and blobs of cream decorated her smooth lips, and her inner scent spilled over his face in tantalising invisible wisps.
Her lips were wide open, and he could see the head of her juicecoated clit peeking at him.
This was the only time she seemed cheeky to him, when they were alone, with her pussy splayed open and vulnerable to him. Ladylucky nude underwear male models.

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