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It is so nice that my Daddy always sleeps naked next to me.
Our foreplay quickly moves to the main event.
You undo my wet diaper and let it lay under me as you mount me and we do our marvelous, syncopated sex dance.
Your peter, hard and thick, pressing into me deeply, over and over.
I soon climax, for the first time today.
You have not cum yet, but you pull out of me and twist around and begin to lick all my flowing juices. Usecret free webcam sex show.
I, in turn, grab your hard dick which is in front of me and take the glans in my mouth to suck.
I lick all my juices off you and taste your precum starting.
The taste of our mingled juices is such a nice harmony of flavors.
I can tell Daddy is just seconds away from bursting, so I get my lips back to his glans and take in as much as I can.
I suck like I suck my baby bottle when the last of the wine is flowing out.
You cum in my mouth and after a little choke, I swallow it all down.
Then lick your shaft and balls clean of any remnants.
This is the best start of a birthday I have ever had. Miloslavna naked church live.

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