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I’ll at least come up the lift with you.
” My office was on the tenth floor, and the trip up in the lift gave us the opportunity to arrange a time to talk on Saturday about the rules for Sunday.

As I stepped out of the lift.
Rachel stayed behind, and gave me a short wave.
“Well, talk to you tomorrow then, and good luck for that presentation.
” I smiled back.
I’d thought ahead and brought the USB key with a copy of my presentation to lunch.
All I had to do was head into the presentation room, and wow my audience.
As I turned to head off, Rachel called after me one last time.
I turned around.
The lift doors were still open, and Rachel was in the back of the lift car, positioned so that only I could see her. Amberalex sexs bedava.
Suddenly, with one slow yet sultry movement, she opened her rain coat with two hands.
My mouth dropped open, as the coat pulled apart.
My heart began to pound, and my eyes felt like they were about to fall out.
Standing in front of me, rain coat now opened wide, a halfnaked Rachel did a sexy little shimmy.
I had a hard time processing what I was seeing for a moment.
The woman was completely topless, her lacy white bra and blouse either lost or stuffed into her handbag.
Her plain, light grey business skirt was also missing in action too.
As I struggled to think, it dawned on me that this was the reason she‘d visited the ladiestoilets back at the cafe.
Her breasts shook slightly as she swayed from side to side, and the movement of nipples was hypnotic, as her beautifully formed chest dragged my attention this way and that. Sandykiss free live webcam videos.

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