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I stepped closer and pressed my cock up against his arm and said, It’s okay, Ryan, I won’t tell anybody if you won’t.
I really enjoyed fucking you and having you suck my cock, and I won’t charge you anything, if you want to meet again.
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I guess now that you know about my secret perversions, you’ll probably want to use it to blackmail me or something.
I smiled, as I pushed my soft cock harder against his arm, No sir, Mr.
It’s entirely up to you, and I won’t pressure you.
I’ll also never try to take advantage of you regarding my school work.
It’s your choice, with no harm and no foul if you aren’t interested.
He looked down at my cock lump pressed against his arm, and when I saw the look on his face I knew that I had him.
We went into the small storage room behind the black board, and he sucked me off, before sucking my balls and ass as I recovered. Sharlotax arab free six com.

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