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I reached up and caught her leg as she turned to get out of the tub and leaned up to her mound, a kiss and then taunting lick over the puffy petals of her flower and clit to let her know we had only just begun before releasing her to step out and dry off.
She smiled as she dried off, her pussy dripping with either water or nectars, though I felt it likely both.
I rose from the tub and took the towel from her to dry her back and butt, she giggled as the fluffy towel touched her intimate and sensitive pussy with a feather’s touch. Kiprida keralagirls adults chat room free.
I dried myself quickly as she released her hair from the scrunchy she had bound it with, she shook her head and let the wild mane flow free as it fell over her back and shoulders, some of which covered the lush mounds of her tits as she struck an erotic pose before the full length mirror for my benefit; not that I needed any further encouragement.
I hung up the towel and took her hands as we faced each other, her smile fully intending to entice me to take her to bed; the cordless phone rang blaringly on the counter and we both jumped as the reality of where we were and what we were doing slammed home. Ahmadgo sexe vedeos.

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