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Weed makes me very horny, and making out with some random guy made me even hornier.
After I returned to the party, I joined a conversation the guy in the suit was having with three other people.
I was high and lightheaded and in a slutty mood, and all I wanted to do was drop to my knees and suck his cock in front of everyone.
Instead, I surreptitiously slid my hand behind his legs and ran my fingers just below his ass, very lightly, not even making eye contact, but knowing I was really turning him on.
It was turning me on too, and my nipples started getting hard enough to show under my dress.
I glanced over and saw him glancing over to admire my tits. Elisbraun babeta sexy gems.
Then I looked down and saw his cock getting hard through his pants.
I went outside by myself.
He excused himself from his date and followed me.
He started to talk and I put my fingers to his lips and said, “No words.
” I kissed him and our tongues were wrestling with each other as her reached back to grab my ass.
I reached down and tickled his balls through his pants.
He pushed me against a wall, ready for more.
“Not yet, baby,” I whispered and left him flustered and hard and wanting to fuck me.
I flashed him a few times.
Once, as he stood by the stairway, I walked up the steps so he could see up my short dress.
In the bathroom upstairs I took off my panties and left them hanging on the doorknob, then walked back down the stairs, giving him a peek of my bald, wet pussy.
Later on, from across the room, he made eye contact with me and gave me a sexy sneer. Callmeangel ipad mature video chat.

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