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Cautiously, she licked it.
Salty, but warm this time.
So much better.
Then she kissed it, wetting it a little more with her saliva.
Her lips parted, and she took the head into her mouth, and some of the shaft, too.
She knew porn stars did deep-throating.
She didn‘t think she could do it, though.
It was her first time, and what she had now was already filling up her mouth.
If she took in anymore of him she worried she’d gag.
Instead, she began to suck what she could.
She liked the way it felt on her tongue, the taste of it, the way she sucked the pre-cum from the head of it.
With her hands, she grabbed the shaft and started jerking him as she gave him head. Jonnyber2017 xxxsex images.
“Oh fuck, that’s good,” the man softly muttered.
Anne had been worried that she wasn‘t doing it right.
Now, she picked up the pace of her motions.
She became even more aroused at the feeling of him growing harder in her mouth.
She wanted more.
She was almost greedy about it.
Just as her arms were starting to get tired, the man pulled away from her.
A string of saliva stretched from the head of his cock to her bottom lip.
It broke and landed on her chin and throat.
She looked up at him with a questioning face.
Had she done something he didn’t like? She didn’t know.
The man simply reached down, grabbed her hands, and pulled her to her feet.
He spun her around, so she was facing the bookshelf and he stood behind her.
She could feel his hard cock pushing into her ass through her jeans.
His hands began to roughly roam her body.
He grabbed her breasts through her blouse, then they were under her blouse, clutching her bra. Fine68 hamster sex cam.

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