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She gripped my shaft between her legs and pressed the head against her dripping pussy lips as she lowered her hips toward mine.
My cock easily slipped in until my pubic hair was flush against Jo’s bare pubis.
She sat there motionless for a minute or so with a look of satisfaction on her pretty face.
Dave was moving around the bed getting shots from all angles.
But then Jo began to fuck me.
With her hands on my chest, she raised and lowered her hips on mine swallowing my cock all the way up to her cervix.
Dave, with the commanding tone of a movie director, instructed Jo to rise up just far enough that just the tip of my glistening tool was hidden by her pussy lips. Selinabb sexvideoslive xxnx.
Dave knelt between my legs behind Jo to get a close-up of the sight.
Dave stood up next to the bed and dropped his trousers and undershorts to the floor.
He was hard as a rock in anticipation.
Dave walked toward his wife with his manhood sticking straight out, pointed at his wife’s small mouth.
As Jo fucked me, Dave fucked her mouth, snapping down-shots the whole while.
It didn’t take him long to cum……within a minute or so, Jo was gulping down Dave’s jiz as he held the back of her head, pressing his cock in as far as he could get it.
With Dave’s semen running down Jo’s chin, Dave pulled out of her mouth and took a shot of Jo licking the sticky goo from her lips .
I was on the verge of orgasm when I felt Jo’s Kegal muscles clamping down on my erection.
As I was well on the way to shooting my wad, I felt a hand lifting and gently squeezing my balls. Fernandalopez web cam live sex pak.

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