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We are stepping way over the edge of normal, you know.
Let me tell you more about what your father and I do.
I am a HOTWIFE, which means that your dad stays home with his penis locked into a stainless steel cage chastity device, which I lock onto him.
I go out on sex dates with strange guys, we fuck and suck all night long, then I come home to him, we have oral sex while he cleans the cum out of my pussy, and then we fuck.
I also have a female lover, Debbi.
We have sex at her house, and I have also had crazy sex with your friend Michelle.
Now, that’s it.
Quiet fell over the room like a wet blanket.
“Oh yes, I forgot to add, Kylie and I have been lovers all weekend, he drives me crazy, and I want him to be my full time lover.
I have let him fuck my pussy and my ass.
I have sucked his cock numerous times as well.
I have taken him shopping today for all the things a young girl needs, along with his hair, nails and more.
I accept his wishes to be my third daughter, and I truly hope that you both will accept him as your sister. Ladynasty broadcast yourself nude on cam.
” The girls grabbed Kylie and hugged him tightly, congratulating his decision and offering anything he needed to become Kylie.
Kim could see that he was nearly crying with joy.
Amanda spoke up, “It will be great to have a sister that is a chick with a dick, it will surely come in handy on long, cold, nights.
Everyone laughed.
Now, girls, this is what I have in mind, listen carefully and then we will talk about it,” Kim offered.
Sunday came quickly.
Early in the morning, the girls awoke with Kylie wrapped around them in Wendi’s bed.
It had been a bit crowded with three of them sleeping together, but it was well worth it.
Kylie had done his duty well, both girls had gotten their pussies fucked until they could no longer take it.
He had proved to be a real stud, and was capable of servicing all three of them, Kim included.
Time was of the essence, Kim knew that her husband would be home in just a few hours, it was nearly show time.
3:00 P.
was nearly here, Kim had all in readiness, she had changed into a pair of turquoise spandex boy shorts with attached garters and matching turquoise stockings.
She had chosen her favorite pair of platform, black-patent heels.
A white satin tie top that just managed to cover her ample breasts was tied seductively under her tits, and her new pink leather collar was fastened and locked on.
In the center of the living room was the all too familiar chair that Ken had been tied to so many times before, a straight, highback wooden chair with wide arms and a red leather cushion. Bombshell8inc freesexchat australia.

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