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I could see though the cracks of the stall Mr.
He took his teacher key and locked the bathroom, not bothering to check the last stall.
Suddenly he started to strip down and he was only in his tight briefs.
The same bulge remained and he then walked back to the door and grabbed a small bag.
He zipped it open and removed what appeared to be a bottle.
“Lube?” I thought to myself.
He then removed a massive dildo that appeared to have veins in it.
He opened the bottle and poured some on the dildo.
He finally removed his briefs.
I almost fell over, his cock was MASSIVE, it must have been 9 inches.
He leaned against a wall and started to rub his cock slowly.
This drove me nuts and I almost came.
I took a look at his body as he pleasured himself.
Very tightly on the head, freshly shaven and clean, as my mesmerized eyes moved down, he had a small layer of hair covering his pecs and his nipples looked oh so fine.
As I moved down again he had a very defined 8 pack and a loose layer of hair, not as thick as on his pecks. Dirtycoupboys webcam chat for girls.
Finally there was a giant gray bush that sat atop his massive cock.
And it wrapped itself around and down into his anus.
He started to rub lube onto his cock and move faster.
He then set that aside and picked up the dildo.
He then leaned over the sink and fiddled with the dildo around his ass crack.
He slowly inserted the head of it and moved it in slowly.
He had reached half way when he started to moan and I started to pleasure myself.
I instantly came and force of habit made me moan, “Fuck yeah, Mr.
Rogers!” He jumped up and then saw the form and shoes in the stall.
He panicked and covered his cock.
I just showed myself, I thought! What should I do? Without thinking anymore I opened the stall and said, “Need some help with that hard-on?” My pants were around my ankles and a fresh cum stain was on the floor.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist He looked at me and said, “Well, why the hell not?” He removed the dildo from his ass then pulled me out of the stall.
He told me to sit on the sink and then he removed the rest of my pants and shoes.
While he did this I removed my shirt and started to feel his hot muscles.
Once he was done, he got down on his knees and started to jerk my cock and his own.
He then stopped and massaged my cock with both hands.
Another man masturbating me, it felt amazing I thought.
He then moved forward and pushed me on my back.
He stuck his head closer and then inserted his entire tongue into my anus.
The hot wiggly tongue felt amazing. Camilablack live videopornos.

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