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What at he wondered, until he saw himself in the mirror and realised he was bouncing from foot to foot as he rubbed his bottom still sobbing and sniffing.
He could see through his tears Aunt Angela and Claire laughing and pointing and that’s when he realised what the spanking dance was, exactly what he was doing.
He looked at the mirror again and this time focussed on what Claire and Aunt Angela had been pointing out.
His erect penis, and through his tears he realised there was cum at the top of it.
He looked across at Aunt Angela and saw her rub a tissue across her thigh.
Aunt Angela stood up held out her arms and said firmly, Todd, give me a hug and thank me for spanking you.
Todd turned and almost fell in to her arms, hugging her and enjoying her hugging him.
He even kissed her on the cheek as he said, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
Aunt Angela asked laughing still hugging him and patting his bottom, What for? You asked for a spanking and I gave you one.
Todd sniffed and blushed again, staying silent, realising that as he was being hugged his penis was pressing against Aunt Angela’s bare legs. Zatincaliope usa mobile sexx com.
It was a great feeling.
Aunt Angela let Todd go and with a wag of her finger said, You have now had your bad behaviour corrected so give Claire a hug for bringing you here so you were given the spanking you wanted.
Todd stepped over to Claire and hugged her thanking her profusely between sniffs.
Claire put her hands on Todd’s bottom but he didn’t mind as they were so cool compared to the heat emanating from his bottom.
Claire loved the feel of Todd’s bottom and resolved that if asked again she will spank him as hard as her Aunt did.
She wondered though whether Todd will ask again as he was still sobbing so much.
Aunt Angela said in a firm voice, Todd, go to the bathroom and wash your face, and when you have calmed down, and by that I mean stopped sniffing, come back downstairs.
OK? Todd found the tone of her voice so demanding he didn’t dare object to her instructions.
He got dressed, not really caring Claire watched him step back in to his underpants and trousers, catching more than a glimpse of his penis.
He looked at the floor as he walked out of the spare room and across the hall to the bathroom.
He washed his face and heard Claire’s animated voice as she went downstairs with her Aunt.
Todd thought about the spanking and now it was over was almost sorry, and resolved to be spanked again.
He hoped Claire might learn to spank him as hard as her Aunt but if not he might be able to come back here. Djina free sexy web cam.

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