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He had forced his fat cock way into my cunt hole the huge pain was gone but it still hurt as he kept pushing it in deeper and deeper.
I moaned I groaned I grunted and let out a few loud squeals as he pushed his cock ball deep in my pussy.
Oh, my God, my entire body was shaking that cock hurt so much deep in my cunt hole.
As my loud grunting slowed the man from the right side grabbed my head again and shoved his cock back in my mouth.
I started sucking his cock as the man pulled out and stuffed his cock back in my dripping wet pussy.
One more slow stroke like that and the fucking was on.
Oh, my God, he started fucking the living hell out of my pussy with long hard strokes banging his cock all the way in on each stroke.
I was really being pushed but I was determined not to be a sissy.
I held my pussy up for him pushed back against the hole in the wall and took the brutal fucking the man was determined to give me.
My pussy hurt like crazy and that is when I realized I could not get away from his cock if I tried. Anellee usa sexviedo com.
My butt cheeks were stuck in that hole in the wall and men’s hands were holding my hips solid.
Ouch!Ouch!Oh My God! I yelled out loud pulling my mouth off the cock again.
Other men in the booth had spread my butt cheeks wide open allowing the man to go deeper in my pussy.
He slammed his cock in my pussy so hard for at least a dozen strokes that really hurt.
He suddenly buried his cock and started pumping big loads of cum deep in my pussy.
It really hurt my pussy yet I was orgasming like crazy.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist Oh my God what a brutal fucking he gave me.
The man in front of me again pulled my mouth back on his cock and after a few deep thrusts down my throat, he also blasted his load of cum down my throat.
They were both burying their big cocks all the way in me at both ends.
They both pulled their cocks out of me and just like that two more cocks got shoved right back in me.
The one in my pussy was again real thick and the one in my mouth not as thick but the longest I had sucked so far.
I only sucked his cock for a few minutes and he was cumming already filling my mouth with a big load of cum.
He pulled out and another cock went right back in my mouth.
Cum was pouring out of my mouth dripping off my chin.
I wasn’t even sure what a cheap whore felt like back them but I had heard boys say it and that is what I felt like right then a cheap whore.
The second man did not fuck me long before he came and a third cock went up my pussy and it was a long one. Guapo2888 sexy girl sexchat.

Guapo2888 sexy girl sexchat.
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