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He got off on being tied up, or otherwise restrained.
He managed to combine his engineering profession with his bondage fetish.
He built himself the Electric Chair.
The name sounds bad.
Don’t let the engineers name stuff.
I mean, yes the marketing guys really are weenies, but still.
Electric Chair? Who would want to get into an electric chair? Let me describe Andy’s Electric Chair to you.
Imagine if you will, two equilateral triangles of tube steel, about three feet long on each side standing up on one of the sides.
About 2 feet apart, with a chair mounted between them, at the apex.
The chair has no legs, but is mounted on pivots on each side that support the chair above the floor. Xxxlady2017 chat xnxx liv.
The whole thing is painted black, and the back, seat (two parts, left and right halves), arm rests, leg rests, and head rest are all covered with padded red vinyl.
It had built in straps to restrain the occupant, black nylon with metal fittings.
Unbreakable, they were located at the waist, chest, across the forehead, above the elbow, at the wrist, above the knee and at the ankle.
Once strapped in, the seated person was essentially incapable of moving.
You could wave at someone, I guess.
Not much else.
The head rest was removable; the rest of the actual chair was one assembly.
So, why the Electric Chair name? I’ll tell you why.
It was motorized.
No, you couldn’t drive it around.
It had no wheels.
But at the pivot point there was a motor.
With this motor, you could tilt the chair forward, or back, or all the way around.
This would place the occupant into any convenient position that you might choose. Hotgirl888 tamil sex online.

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