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Daddy wants me to move back up North with him.
I love it here and do not want to go back up there, she said as she started crying.
Did you say something ugly to your dad kiddo? I asked Well, I kind of said I never wanted to live with him ever again, Danny cried.
I might have been angry but slapping you, I think not, I scolded.
Danny’s dad was coming around.
He struggled to get up and decided to just sit there a while.
It might serve you well to learn what a man will allow in his home before you go around hitting pretty, young women, I said as I kicked his feet.
You pretty much screwed the pooch there boy, I sneered.
I guess I did deserve the ass kicking, I apologize,” he said.
I have not decided what I am going to do with you, your dumb ass wife or your daughter, I said as I took a big gulp of my coffee.
I really hate shit like this before I have my coffee, I said kicking his feet again.
“I am going to call the judge and see if a little Texas justice might work for you and your wife.
You will both have to agree to whatever I want to do with you. Mistressaryaa anty sexweb.
It will keep your wife out of jail and off drugs and alcohol too, I offered.
If you can get Brenda clean and sober, I am in, whatever it takes, he said.
‘Danny girl, untie your daddy and introduce us, I instructed.
Danny quickly introduced her dad Johnny, and we all discussed my plan of action.
I told my wife she might want to go visit her sister in Austin for a few weeks and Danny might want to stay with Rena for that long too.
It could get real ugly before it gets better, I said.
I want to stay, Danny said boldly.
I am in for the long haul, Johnny offered.
I am out of here, my wife laughed.
I’ll call the judge and see if he agrees, I concluded.
I called the judges office and made an appointment for a face to face discussion of Danny’s mom Brenda, and her brushes with the law.
The judge agreed that while unorthodox my approach just might be the thing to save Brenda.
I went home and started making arrangements.
I handed Danny a credit card and a list of materials she would need to buy.
Johnny and I went to the Home Depot and bought the materials we would need for our construction project.
We worked for three days before we were all ready.
I even recruited Rena for a little moral support.
The police dropped Brenda off at my house and handed me the hand cuff key before leaving.
Brenda, I have been given the opportunity to get you off drugs and alcohol and keep you out of jail.
It will be unpleasant and hurt some.
If you agree we can start immediately. Lisa1984 sex photo xx all.

Lisa1984 sex photo xx all.
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