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Good afternoon class.
Today we go into Elipses! Ms.
Woolson announced shortly after.
Robert looked at her beautiful tits frequently during class.
When she pointed to the chalkboard, he could see them bounce a little, and it ever so turned him on.
He still paid attention, and Ms.
Woolson being the great teacher she was, made it easy for Robert to understand.
He caught up pretty fast.
Ok class! We are going to do an exit card before class ends.
You may not leave until you finish it.
Woolson wrote four questions out on the chalk board.
She came up with a plan to tease Robert.
She used the same question from the day before, this time she switched the numbers.
The units were in inches again, and the answer was eight inches.
She sat down at her desk and carefully eyed Robert.
She saw him finish the first three questions with amazing ease and speed.
At least I did something right this time she thought to herself proudly.
She craned her head a bit higher to see Robert take out his calculator, press some buttons and scribble down the answer on the paper. Xxqueensxx free cam websites.
Robert looked at the paper again and then at the question on the board.
He quickly glanced at Ms.
Woolson, but she was prepared.
She quickly looked away but still kept an eye on him out of the corner of her eyes.
Robert looked back down at his paper.
Immediately she resumed to look at him.
He circled something on his paper and then doodled with something else.
The bell rang.
Ok class! Hand your exit cards to the front! All the kids did so, and eventually they all ended up in Ms.
Woolson’s hands.
She smiled at the class.
Have a wonderful afternoon guys.
She walked back to her desk and immediately started to shuffle through them.
Robert, Robert, Robert-Ah here it is.
She pulled out his paper in the stack.
She checked the first three questions.
Wow, all three of them are correct, even the work is right too.
She then looked at the fourth one.
There in neat hand writing read Eight inches.
With the inches circled.
That turned her on so much.
And next to the answer was a heart that read Thanks Inside of it.
Woolson smiled.
How sweet of him to do that! She looked up to see Robert studying by himself, he flipped through his pages.
Hey Robert? she asked.
He looked up and smiled.
Sup? I’m going to use the facility for a minute, be right back.
He nodded and returned to his work.
Woolson returned to her desk and took out a bag.
With a giggle she left the room.
Robert dropped his pencil and rubbed his face.
He looked down at his pants.
He couldn’t handle it anymore.
Carefully looking around, he unzipped his pants, and let his dick stand up straight. Sexyit09 free sex chat no registration or email.

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