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Alongside them, a huge man stood towering over everyone with his hands clasped behind his head and his eyes closed.
He was moaning softly, almost like he was humming.
His bulging abdominal muscles– and even moreso bulging loincloth– was almost at eye level to the bevy of small nymphets clustered closely around him.
They all had identically dyed purple skin and were wearing what appeared to be mini-togas.
The overall effect made them look like triple-X Smurfettes as they stroked whatever skin they could reach on the leviathan of a man.
A middleaged man dressed like an ancient philosopher called out in greeting from across the room.
The slightly graying beard was not part of the costume, but it made him look very much like an ancient Greek. Ginna live chat couple.
It was Dave, the IT geek who maintained the computers at Matt’s office on a contract basis.
Matt hadn’t been too sure about this party when Dave had first invited him and had almost refused.
This isn’t a gimmick for my business, Dave had explained.
This is a special party.
a very special party.
for a few of my very special friends.
Dave’s face had then crinkled up in that strange gigglechuckle he usually reserved for finding an unusual or obscure problem with the system.
I’m only inviting single people your age or younger, he had promised.
His hands waved across the air in front of them as if displaying a sign while he said exuberantly, Free booze. Read Full Post…

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I could tell he was looking forward to that moment.
Liu fondled my breasts as I felt Melinda’s hot tongue on my pussy lips, gently licking them before teasing my clit.
Do your parents know about us? Melinda asked.
You think they’d be helping out with the wedding, if they did? I replied.
They’ll find out eventually, Liu said matter-of-factly, still not taking his eyes off us.
Melinda sucked my clit as I moaned in pleasure.
Sliding a finger inside Read Full Post…

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The guilt soon passed, and the realization that I had made one hundred and fifty dollars in only an hour and a half made me happy.
Then I thought about everything we did together, and I jerked off in the bathtub.
I could hardly believe how much I enjoyed sucking his cock, and of course being sucked off, and being fucked in the ass was amazingly erotic.
I even enjoyed being treated like a girl, and a whole new world had been opened to me.
Finally, there was something positive about my feminine appearance, instead of it being a negative. Luckydream skype with pornstars.
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Then, kneeling in front of me, you take first one, then the other, into your mouth to suck on my tits.
I start to cumwet my diaper as you do this.
Finishing with the special side treat for us both, you throw on a pair of boxers, all that you will wear today.
Then you go to the closet and take out a pink dress, one like a toddler would wear, and bring it down over my head.
I clap my hands in joy as I see Birthday Girl embroidered on the chest. Floxy27 free slut chat without membership.
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