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Then he gently wiped my pussy dry with them, being careful to get every drop of moisture from between my thighs but making no attempt to clean the cum from my face or breasts.
He took the whisky and cum soaked material and held it out to Kate.
‘Put these on.
’ She looked disgusted by the damp panties he held ‘The boss was very insistent that you wear these for the rest of the day as payment for attending the meeting.
’ She didn’t look impressed but didn’t try to argue with him.
The knickers she slipped off were a sensible white cotton pair which Steve quickly took from her.
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Sleep had been dreamless and Allan had risen early in order to be on site at the specified time.
Beth had awoken to the alarm clock and initially had cursed it until she reached across to switch it off and found a single red rose next to the alarm, with a yellow post-it note which simply had a big X on it.
No prizes for guessing who that was from! Beth had felt elated that she was going to celebrate with her best friend the fact Kirsty was about to get married but Beth felt pangs of guilt.
She had so quickly agreed to accompany Kirsty yet had not actually considered Allan’s feelings.
Yes, he was a grown up and could look after himself but they had that understanding, that love, that trust in each other and Beth was scared she had over stepped the mark on this occasion. –lady_dreamsexihot com.
She had got up and wandered into the kitchen to find Read Full Post…

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I’m about to explode.
I hope you don’t break my nose this time.
I did not break your nose any of those times! Besides, you look dashing and manly with a bent nose.
Closest you’ll ever get to James Bond.
I hope I don’t drown you.
You won’t.
I dunno, my balls feel like two oranges.
Maybe grapefruits.
She laughed, No, we’re doing something else today.
What? She kissed me and whispered, I’m ready.
Really? Yes.
I’ll help you, so you don’t have to pretend you know what you’re doing. Jaysa sexy hindfree.
What about protection? I don’t have a rubber.
I’m on the pill.
We’re safe.
She kissed me and stripped my clothes off and giggled nervously as I finished undressing her.
After removing her panties, I remained below her hips Read Full Post…

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Well I got spanked and caned so often at school and would tell groups of girls about it when they asked, which quite a few did.
I was back from Uni for the holidays and a few of us went out for drinks.
We ended up back at mine and my Mum was there.
One girl kept asking me what being spanked was like and my Mum spoke up and said if she wanted to find out then she would spank her.
Well one thing led to another and Mum spanked her in front of us all.
Two days later one of the other girls asked her to spank Read Full Post…

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Her nipples, still obvious and excited from her hours of love play with another man.
Her face flushed and pink like someone who‘s been on a long bracing country walk, although in Lisa’s case the cause of her flushed cheeks was altogether less innocent and wholesome.
The way the considerable portion of her chest exposed by her yellow neckline showed plenty of reddened finger marks, and at least three love bites.
Love bites which were matched on both sides of Lisa’s elegant neck.
The way my wife’s eyes sparkled from the excitement and newness of the last few hours.
Her eyes only Read Full Post…

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You are a lovely woman.
You have the tits of a Playboy centerfold.
I wanted you then, and I want you now.
” “I can’t, Brian.
I really can‘t. Tanysha1970 free crossdresser cam.
” “If things change,” Brian said, “you know where to find me.
Gail loved the high she was feeling from the weed she smoked and found herself more assertive, almost flirting with the men that introduced themselves to Read Full Post…