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Tears of anger replaced those of pain as she closed her eyes and had to savor only the sounds of him cumming over her bruised and battered ass.
After he had expelled the last of his essence he took the flat of his hand and rubbed his cum into the deep, raw welts the belt had left.
This made the burning sensation even greater before it began to cool and sooth the puckered flesh.
He gave her ass another light smack before pulling his shorts up and composing himself.
Her wrists and ankles fought against the restraints.
“Alright, I’ve been punished – now let me out,” she said in an angry and hurt voice.
Her hopes for being fucked by him had been smashed several times throughout this session.
He smirked at her from the doorway “You’re going to have a little timeout, and you are going to stay here so I can work without being disturbed – you bad little kitten.
” She flopped back against the mattress and sighed.
“You disturbed my work, you wanted attention, and you got it… and you still aren‘t happy?” he asked with a knowing smile.
“NO,” she huffed.
“Ah, ah – say ‘Thank You Daddy,'” he chided. Sashs1925 live sex chat messenger.
There was a long pause… “Thank you, Daddy.
” “Yo Read Full Post…

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Even though they were muffled against Stella’s pussy, Carly’s moans were still considerably loud which had the domino effect of making him more vocal.
There was something about hearing Carly’s and Stella’s cries, whimpers, moans, groans and screams of pleasure that heightened the whole experience for him.
Stella’s cries reached fever pitch, the look of utmost pleasure on her face telling him she was going to cum – and soon.
At the same time Carly’s hips were moving faster and she was pressing back into him, her moans louder against Stella’s pussy.
For the millionth time since they had entered into their relationship, he thought about how lucky they were to have such an incredible sex life.
The three of them were moaning, groaning and crying out, the sounds of their pleasure mingling to create some sort of sex chorus.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist Stella’s cries had transitioned into screeches and Brad could see Carly pressing her face more firmly against Stella’s pussy, he knew her tongue would be moving back and forward against Stella’s clit at an astonishing rate. Russsianslut onlinesexchat video.
In some ways Brad was envious of Carly, he loved the taste of Stella’s pussy juice on his tongue and decided perhaps he would need a turn later in the evening.
He didn’t understand guys that complained about having to go down on their girlfriend or wife; one of his favourite things to do was eat one woman and eat the other straight after.
There was nothing better than having both women at the mercy of his tongue and then hearing them scream when they couldn’t handle any more.
Brad watched as Stella started to tremble, his fingers digging deeply into Carly’s hips as he braced himself for the loud scream that would inevitably erupt from Stella in a few seconds.
The trembling became more pronounced, the loud screeches suddenly became screams and as Stella’s orgasm hit he pulled Carly back into him, ensuring he hit deep inside, knowing that would help trigger her own orgasm.
His orgasm was steadily building and he hoped Carly would cum before he did; he always put Carly’s and Stella’s pleasure ahead of his own and felt oddly guilty if he came before one or both of them.
Judging by the tightness of her cunt Brad knew Carly’s orgasm would hit soon and he couldn’t stop himself slamming harder into her.
Carly’s cries became more high-pitched and he could feel the muscles in her hips tensing beneath his fingertips.
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But one day of proper behavior is hardly a life change.
Besides I have a plan – I do not do anything without an eye on the big picture.
Everything will become clear as time goes on, trust me.
” I said.
“Yes, Master.
Of course,” she said, obviously dispirited.
I pulled her to her feet giving her another kiss.
“It will work out, whore, it really will.
I’ve done this before, you‘ll see.
You trust me don’t you?” I said.
“Yes, of course,” she said.
Good girl,” I said.
Sunday morning I woke up and went in to get her up as usual.
I went into the living room to wait and to read the Sunday paper.
I heard the typical noises of her taking a shower and getting dressed, but it seemed like it took a little longer today.
I figured she was just running a bit behind so I put it out of my mind.
As I heard her hit that last squeaky step, I listened to her footsteps and they sounded different today – she was wearing heels! I got up at that and turned to look just as she came around the corner.
Roberta looked magnificent! She had put on a sexy white lace bustier that fastened in the front with a pink ribbon tie. Phandora live jasmin chat.
The bustier had attached garters which she had hooked to white semi-sheer stockings.
The footsteps I heard were due to her pink open toe four inch opentoe heels.
She had put on her makeup perfectly, just the way I liked it, with dark night-time type eye makeup and mascara, luscious red lipstick, and a hint of blush on the cheeks.
Her hair was done in a neat ponytail with two curly little strands framing her beautiful face.
She was stunning.
“I hope you like my outfit, Master,” she said softly as she stood there in the entrance to the living room.
Rather than say something (I was afraid my voice would crack or I would stumble over my words, I was that enamored of her), I walked up to her slowly as I drank her in with my eyes.
I stepped up to her and put an arm around her holding her close.
“You look beautiful, Roberta,” I said.
She looked at me oddly.
you called me by my name!” she said.
“Well, you look magnificent and I wanted you to know I wasn‘t playing around.
I am very impressed.
” “Awww, thank you, Master. Read Full Post…

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Todd34 tranny cam chat.
After a minute his face softens slightly and he picks up the now cold rag and wipes my neck.
We don’t speak again as he works.
He meets a tough spot scrubbing slightly harder and leans in closer.
His dark head of hair is in front of my face, smelling delicious, and I’m battling with the rising emotions inside me.
I almost feel nauseous.
I feel angry with myself.
For what? I don’t know.
I think I feel angry with Ethan, too, and with Nicole, all for different reasons. Alicka_love free international chat rooms.
The solidity of my conclusion is weak though, and I realize I’m more confused now than I have ever been through this whole affair.
Above all, I feel a longing I’ve become familiar with as Ethan stands shirtless in front of me.
That makes me angrier than anything.
Without thinking, Read Full Post…

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She could have told me to meet her down in the sewers and I’d have gone.
The blue Renault is already there when I arrive.
I open the door on the passenger side, and to my surprise Catherine is seated there.
She looks up and smiles at me.
I need you to drive, she says.
I don’t pretend to understand why, but I know it’s going to be good.
It always is.
I get in the driver’s seat and slam the door shut.
Catherine leans across and kisses me on the mouth.
Just by sitting there next to her, I sense that something special is coming up.
I know her well enough by now to read the signs instinctively.
So what are these plans of yours, kinky lady? I say. Cutexsophie arabian sex vidieo.
Catherine smiles.
This evening she’s wearing a dark blue dress which fits snugly enough to outline her shapely breasts to perfection.
Her tongue teases her lips as she lifts the dress where it meets black nylon.
She’s had two gadgets hidden under her dress.
She hands them to me.
What’s this? I say.
These are remote controls, Catherine says.
That one goes to a clit vibrator I’m wearing.
And that one activates a vibrating egg that’s inside me.
I just stare Read Full Post…

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Fireandice3 sms porn.
We both practiced our oral sex skills and encouraged feedback on what we liked and didn’t like.
As we would soon be naked in front of strangers, we began to exercise more often and watch our diets more closely.
In many ways, it seemed as though we were training for the sexual Olympics. Lolypink american webcam chat.
When the day of our departure to Cancun finally arrived, I was so excited and nervous, I hadn’t sleep a wink.
I boarded the plane feeling as though all eyes were upon us, as if everyone knew our dirty little secret.
Never in my lifetime had I ever considered the possibility of doing what I was about to Read Full Post…

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When the zipper hit the end of her dress, Jim could see the edge of her shapely behind.
Her curves were so sexy.
Jim exhaled a small groan.
He was so turned on by his wife that his locked up penis did anything it could to get hard, but there was just no way for it to get hard.
Nancy smiled to herself.
She recognized her husband’s groan, and with her dress undone, she slid both straps down her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.
Wow… When his wife’s dress fell to the floor, Jim’s eyes immediately wandered down to Nancy’s wondrous ass.
There he realized that she didn’t wear any panties, just a sexy garter belt.
Oh god… His wife was so hot.
What he wouldn’t give to see a big black man grabbing her cheeks.
Without removing her bra, Nancy turned around, allowing her husband to gaze in her near-naked body.
She enjoyed seeing how Jim absolutely ogled her nakedness.
Her pussy in particular.
She knew how much he loved licking her after she had been with a black man.
Before, however, she decided that she wanted to have some fun with him. Sunshinexxx free kerala sex vedio.
Mmm, you can’t imagine how good it felt to have those two black men fuck me earlier.
They were soo big.
Nancy slowly ran her hand down her belly, past her neatly trimmed bush, until her fingers reached her sweet spot.
I… I can imagine.
Jim felt his heart beating.
In his mind he pictured a black man on top of his wife, pummeling her pussy hard.
Mm, I bet you can you little sissy.
Nancy was about to tell Read Full Post…

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Jackiejeikop www sexgrile.
She knew what he wanted, and she quickly straddled his body.
With a deft touch, she guided his sword into her sheath and settled onto it.
A tremor of pleasure teased through her body at the thrill of having him fill her so completely.
She let her attention fall on a scar across his collar bone. K4mila live xvideo chating.
She traced her thumb across it but then quickly pressed her lips to his.
As their lips parted, and the kiss deepened, she began to roll her hips.
She had not always been so eager to be with him.
Marcus was not unfamiliar with sex. Read Full Post…