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I had thought that my pussy did not close up since he had been fucking me before but I was wrong.
He was tight.
I had trouble getting even the head of him into me.
I had to lift and drop quite a number of times to get him in.
Then I felt my pussy rip and he was half way in.
It was even better than when we had done it before but it hurt like hell getting him all inside me.
I was having one constant orgasm.
I guess the 2 weeks without sex or maybe not being completely satisfied with anyone else was the reason. Cleopatra sex rooms.
My orgasm started when he was halfway in me and continued till he pulled out and that was after he had cum.
You want the truth so I’ll give it to you.
Our marriage is probably stuffed anyway so I may as well tell you.
If he had tried to pull out I would not have let him.
I just lost it.
Nothing mattered at Read Full Post…

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I kissed the back of her neck and shoulder.
Together we trembled with the aftershocks.
After a brief moment, I rolled away on the bed, pulling my softening cock from the suction of her volcanic cunt.
And again, no condom.
Her vice-like pussy had ripped that sucker right off.
Being a gentleman, I promptly inserted two fingers deep into her pussy and squirmed them around, feeling for the lost rubber.
Startled briefly by the intrusion, she gasped.
Just as quickly, her hips started rotating, trying to suck my long fingers in even further.
I found Read Full Post…

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’ Would you Ali? Is that what you would say to your husband? Alison looked stricken as she thought of her darling husband, and of how much she missed him.
Ron, I’m sorry.
Her voice was barely above a whisper and it was breaking up.
You’ve both been so good for me since Ted died.
I feel awful.
I ought to go now.
No Ali, I don’t want you to go.
Actually, I would like you to move in with us.
Both Jane and Alison looked at each other as if they couldn’t believe what had been said, and then stared at Ron.
The problem at the moment Alison, is that there is no ‘us’ for you to move in with.
You would simply move in with Jane, and I would be pushed further to the side.
I do mean it though Alison.
I would love you to come and live with ‘us’ if we can crack there being an ‘us’ that involves me.
If you two want to come out as ‘gay’, I’ll support you all the way, but I can only do that if I am part of both your lives.
Do you want to come to bed with us? asked Jane.
A threesome? Ron laughed.
Ha! In my dreams and every waking moment my darling. Afrodyta69 teen webcam porn no sign up.
You just have no idea how this red blooded male is desperate for some sex.
Sex, as well as feeling loved.
No, that isn’t really what I meant.
If you said, shall the three of us go to bed together; that’s different.
I don’t mean a ‘threesome’.
I’m talking about a ‘menage a trois’, and that is not simply about sex.
I actually have thought about this before now.
I was thinking about it before you both went to Brackenthorpe, but without any sexual dimension.
I didn’t have the term, ‘menage a trois’ then, but and I want you to think about it now.
Ali, you move in here.
We, that is the three of us, do up one of the rooms with the south view, and put in an en suite.
You have your own space.
You would probably spend most nights with Jane.
But then in the morning we all have breakfast together.
Maybe one morning Jane you say, Why don’t we all go into Ripon? Ali and I can shop while you hit the book shops, Ron.
Then we can all have lunch at the ‘Lockwoods’.
Or perhaps, we all go to the theatre.
The thing is that each of us is part of everything, even if we Read Full Post…