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I love you,” she threw out on a hopeful whim to her long incumbent husband.
“You too, Barbara,” was his neutral response.
She fought back allowing a crushed sigh to escape from her lips, and simply strolled off.
A timid, ashamed knock tapped against the door.
“Daddy,” a fearful voice called out, “I was sent this way by mother.
” “Do come in,” he answered sharply.
Ally pushed open the door, and slowly stepped into her father‘s study.
The lawyer’s daughter was wearing her auburn hair in pigtails, its length just shy of brushing across the breadth of her shoulders.
She had stunning, emerald eyes and a ravishing tone of red lipstick highlighting her pouty little lips.
She was wearing a form-fitted, buttoned-up white top which barely contained the very large implants she had received for her 20th birthday, and a short, plaid skirt that barely stretched down enough to cover her ample backside.
Her calves were covered by black, kneehigh socks which served in showing over her shapely, fine legs.
Ally‘s father lifted his hand, which carried one very large and overly-decorated ring, and beckoned his daughter over toward his desk. Liliy97 free sex chat with hot girls for free no sign ups no pay.
As she approached, he removed his sports jacket, and began to loosen up his tie.
He ran one hand through his thick, peppery hair and sighed, his usual tell that he was upset.
Standing up out from his leather chair, he ordered Ally to place her hands on the edge of the desk.
Hanging her head in shame, she did as he commanded.
“Ally, is there something you wish to tell me?” “I failed to make the cheerleading team at the university,” she admitted in a fearful tone.
“Do you realize that you have upset daddy?” he added, firmly.
“I’m sorry, daddy.
I tried, but I think the captain was jealous of my chest.
I wa-” “Ally,” he cut her off, “we do not make excuses in this family.
And you know very well that we do not fail, either.
You know you’re going to be punished, don’t you?” “Yes, daddy.
” “Raise up your backside for me.
Without pause, she did as her father told, perking up her ass into the air.
Swiftly, she received a strong spank across her left cheek from daddy’s hand.
She let out a light gasp, not wanting to let her father know that secretly she enjoyed feeling his hand on her bottom, in any fashion.
It gave her a deep, sharp sense of gratification.
She bit into her bottom lip lustfully another smack Read Full Post…

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Deeply submerged beneath his subconscious.
If the human brain functioned through the engineering of mechanical wheels, then I could confidentally say that every gear in his mind was turning like it was supposed to… counter clockwise.
My point is that Jay was nothing like the average person, and he wasn’t born this way either.
If you can picture evolution for a moment, then picture the evolution of childhood innocence… lost.
No one knew how fragmented Jay was—and of course they wouldn’t.
He was amazing at concealing every crack that would show on the surface.
He appeared as though he had it all; a beautiful girlfriend, a promising career—I don’t think I ever mentioned what he did for a living. Asianflavor couple fuck on webcam.
He was an investment banker in New York.
I lived there too.
But neither of us had grown up in the Big Apple.
I was born and raised in Labrador, Newfoundland, and Jay was raised in Chicago, Illinois.
I had made the move when I got a job offer to work at a publishing house.
Honestly, the only reason why I packed up and left the true North strong and free was because I needed to put an ocean of space between me and my ex-husband.
I hadn’t met Jay at a nightclub or a bar.
I’m sure if I had, he would have taken me home, banged my brains out, and left it at that.
But that’s not how we met.
Our worlds had collided in the most unexpected way, and sometimes, only sometimes, can happiness manifest in the most unexpected circumstances.
A year and a half ago- December 10, 2013 There was something peaceful about waking up to the city coming to Read Full Post…