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As darkness fell, we all just turned in to sleep, the three of us on the dry grass.
Somehow Angie ended up between Terry and me, and she turned to me, put a finger across my lips, while her other hand sought my cock and gently jerked me off.
I returned the compliment and rubbed her clit until I felt her stiffen and breathe raggedly.
We thought that Terry was asleep, until she asked if she could join in as well.
Angie turned to her and folded her in her arms and the girls kissed deeply.
Are you sure you are fit enough for this so soon?, I asked.
I think so, so long as you are gentle.
I know that Angie can be, but we’ve never done the deed, though I have often wanted you to.
Oh, I’m sorry, I responded.
I have been aware of you, for sure, but somehow none of us ever had the time or space.
And now we have, she said.
Have I much catching up to do?.
To be continued.
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They had a history of her submitting to his rather kinky instructions and his temptations.
Although they had never actually met in person, they had chatted extensively online and at times their chats had evolved into some crazy fantasies and other times, Mike would tell Amber the things she should do sexually.
She rarely objected and always reported back to Mike of her sexual activities.
Amber was a rather well to do southern lady, who’s husband owned a significant size construction firm.
By all outward appearances, Amber was a beautiful, prim and proper lady; church going and always involved in charity and community functions.
Amber had a very dark and secret side to her, that Mike knew oh so well and was able to bring out the naughty side of this lady in her 50s. 1sexydoll free no join nude cam chat.

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