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Here was this great looking guy holding onto petite little me.
As he released his hold I stood up but could feel my left wrist throbbing.
I must have hurt it bracing myself when I fell.
Immediately I grabbed my wrist and squealed, “Ouch!” Without another word he ran into the store and within moments came out with ice wrapped in a towel for my injured wrist.
I was impressed seeing this handsome man coming to my rescue.
“Thank you,” I said taking the towel and ice, “I’m Toni, and you are?” “David” he said.
“Wow I’ve never had a woman fall this hard for me before.
” He smiled.
I grinned and must have blushed because I felt my face heat up quickly.
“So let me take a look at this wrist of yours,” he said examining it if he were a doctor.
“I think you’ll live.
” He acknowledged.
I just smiled up noticing how tall and good looking he was.
Here I was at a gas station convenience store in some old jean shorts and a partially soiled t-shirt meeting my Prince Charming.
“I must look a mess,” I said trying in vain to brush myself clean.
“You look cute standing there mussed,” He chuckled.
I was embarrassed but enamored by this handsome guy taking charge of the situation.
Oh I was definitely attracted to him! “Well at least I wore the right outfit for falling down!” I laughed. Sexypervs118 hind free sex.
“I think we should walk to the diner across the way it has the best coffee in town and you can get more ice to keep that wrist from swelling,” he said then continued “not in any hurry are you?” “Well I’m waiting for my boys to finish baseball practice down there.
pointing at the nearby field.
“It should be about two hours I was going home when I realized that my stupid husband forgot to put gas in my car; he’s always doing that to me!” “Then we have some time and anyway you shouldn’t drive.
” winking at my predicament.
Okay, why not but the coffee‘s on me, I have to reward you for your kindness, that’s the least I can do.
” I said.
Walking to the diner I couldn‘t believe that in these old tattered clothes this good looking man was putting the make on me.
We got in and sat in a corner booth David sitting across from me.
As we conversed he told me he was married, had two son‘s one twenty-eight and the other twenty-six.
David looked about forty or so but admitted just turning fifty.
He looked younger than his years.
We talked for almost two hours and I looked up and couldn’t believe how quickly time had passed.
I was flirting with a man I had just met.
With hesitation I needed to go; and my wrist did feel better.
That’s when David asked me to have lunch with him sometime.
“Lunch, your married sweetie,” I quipped.
Yeah, so is my wife and for that matter you are too!” he added, “So do I have to beg?” “Please don’t beg,” I laughed, “We can have lunch, I’d like that very much, anyway then you can see me all cleaned up!” “Sounds good to me,” David said.
“So can I have your cell number?” I opened my purse getting out my cell phone giving him my number. Ammybrooklyn indian sex chat 3gp.

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