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All I could think of saying but it worked.
Mom giggled and said, You okay sweetie? Oh yeahJust need a shower.
This soda is sticky, I replied.
Mom said laughing, Yes… it is.
Well I rushed to my room and got in the shower with my dress and heels on to get all the cum off my dress and heels.
Then I washed my hair like three times before it felt free of cum.
I got out the little squirt bottle and freshened up my pussy.
That is when I realized oh my God I got one really sore pussy not to mention my throat was darn sore as well.
Those men really did lay the meat to me at both end.
So, I’m guessing you are wondering will I ever go back to that adult bookstore.
Hell Yes!I need to go back to see if I can take even more cock.
Right? A pearl necklace? I’ve known this man for a few weeks and he already wants to give me expensive jewellery? This makes no sense.
My innerself and I are completely confused.
Seeing the confusion on my face, Jason adds, It’s a sexual pearl necklace.
Don’t worry, I’ll show you.
With that, he shifts his hips and lifts me off him slightly. Sweetylelu bangladeshi live sex.
More proof of his extreme fitness.
He reaches into the space now created as I’m no longer on him and pulls out his cock.
How could I have missed the monster I had been sitting on this entire time! Goodness, I was so into what he was doing to me that I completely forgot that all of this was making him hard as rock.
It’s easily eight inches long, perhaps more.
At least three inches around and solid as a pole.
If I was afraid of losing my virginity to his two fingers, you can bet I was terrified of the damage his cock could do to me.
It would split me in half for sure.
I’d be sore for weeks, if not months! As I tear my eyes from the monster he’s unleashed from his pants, I look up to find Jason looking straight at me.
Obviously, he’s pleased with the reaction he’s gotten out of me.
He starts to jerk his cock a few strokes.
Then he lets it go and it bounces to rest on my stomach.
I look down and see that it’s oozing pre-cum, which is now connecting with my bellybutton where it’s contently lying.
As I make a move to end our straddling-session, Jason grabs my right hand, saying, Oh no you don’t! He moves my hand to his cock and says, Move it up and down; make me happy.
When you get to the top, give it a light squeeze.
I do as I’m told, watching as he seems to grow even harder at my touch.
When I squeeze at the top, that’s when more pre-cum emerges from his slit.
It’s slowly cascading down to my hand, almost coming to thank me for releasing it from its sexual prison. Arianavega online video chat sex.

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