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The only thing that happened though was a flash of bright white light.
For a heartbeat I saw the blood vessels in my eyelids.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist I opened my eyes to see if I had died.
I was still in the same room, with the same alien, and still bound.
There was now a three-dimensional image of a human body next to Sam.
I assumed it was my body, and the bright light had been a scan of some sort. Emmywilson chat for free.
The image showed blood vessels and a beating heart.
It showed a thermal scan, the vivid reds, oranges, and blues hurting my eyes.
The scan also revealed another feature that I wasn‘t too sure about.
It was a bunch of lines that looked a lot like the blood vessels but they were defined in another color.
They didn‘t connect to the heart, instead they seemed connected to the brain and were concentrated close to the skin‘s surface.
There was a mass of them on my feet, head, hands and especially my groin and nipples.
Nerves! I realized they were nerve endings. Cherrierose22 free gaycamsex.

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