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The scold’s bridle was an amazingly intimidating device; he couldn’t talk, couldn’t eat and couldn’t go anywhere where he might be seen by others.
He couldn’t squeeze out of its steel bars and his attempt to retrieve the padlock key from Belinda’s pocket only ended up with a slap on the hand.
Let’s hope no one sees you like that, Belinda teased.
James made a strange noise that meant nothing to anyone, followed by a look of frustration in his big brown eyes that showed between the steel bars.
He was frustrated he couldn’t speak, but mainly frustrated that he couldn’t kiss or make love to his crazy brunette.
Would you like to wait for me in a cosy and private cell? James grabbed her butt again, now very horny and desperate to make out.
Do I need to shackle you as well? He let go immediately.
If this sexy brunette was going to lock him in a cell for the next hour, he might need to touch himself to stay sane, it might be the only way he’d survive.
He let Belinda lead him to the nearest cell, but just as she was closing the door she noticed his erection through his suit trousers. Rebeccaomens girls on the webcam.
I hope you’re going to wait for me.
James nodded, but Belinda wasn’t convinced and left the cell to collect another toy.
He watched her cute butt walk away, leaving the cell unlocked.
He thought about escaping and hiding, that would be fun, but no sooner had he thought it than she returned.
Irish 8s, the perfect tool for preventing masturbation.
Fuck, this woman was always two steps ahead of him.
He placed his hands together halfway up his back and listened for the inevitable singleclick’ as the tight rigid cuffs closed.
The click was as good as a chastity belt, completely removing all chance of masturbation.
Belinda spun him around and touched his cock through the expensive black suit material.
She kissed him on the lips, Think of your cock as my property.
His face was consumed with frustrated lust.
Would you like me to put these keys in my panties? she panted, now using her hips to pin his body up against the cell wall, feeling his cock despite the fact that they were both fully dressed, One hour and I’ll release you.
Her hips released him from the wall, turned, swayed and walked away, locking the cell door as they left.
James wriggled and fought with the cuffs, but he had no way to reach his cock.
He leaned against the wall and looked out through the small barred window.
He rubbed himself from side to side and pushed, but had no way to stimulate himself enough.
He continued to pace back and forth in the tiny locked cell, until he slumped to the floor and waited for her to return. Foxxycute turkish chat cam.

Foxxycute turkish chat cam.
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