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Kirsty and the gang were picking her up around midday and as Beth walked though the office to her desk, heads turned and she attracted the odd wolf whistle.
Wow! Are you going for an interview? If you are, the job’s yours! one male colleague suggested.
Have you left Allan? You can stay at mine if you like! another offered.
Beth ignored their attention .
She was beyond rising to their bait, besides Beth enjoyed the attention a little.
She was more than happy with Allan but it was nice, every now and then, to know you were still attractive.
Beth had always known that she was attractive, however, as she had a plethora of guys who were sniffing around her like vultures but most of them were like some of her work colleagues, sad, miserable losers who probably spent most of their evenings either down the pub getting pissed with their sick, sad mates, or stuck in front of the TV watching some dodgy porn channel! Allan had been class, someone from her own level. Jessica078 free adult video call.
Beth knew she was better than the usual type of guy she attracted.
The worst of the lot was…… Well, hello! a voice said in a silly accent and Beth’s heart sank.
It was Michael, a twenty four carat, one hundred per cent tosser! He thought himself as a ladiesman and endeavoured to portray that image of being suave and charming but Beth knew different.
Michael was nothing more than a womanising perverted wanker! He also had juvenile tendencies and today he was wearing a South Park tie.
How unprofessional was that? He was also the type that wore character socks and, Beth assumed, character under wear! Honeyimhorny chatabute chat.

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