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Still stretched out she looked back at Miss Bentner who was smiling.
That told you didn’t it, Mrs.
Carson? Mrs.
Carson sniffed and sobbed as she tried to understand what had been said.
She heard the words but they took a few seconds to sink in.
When they did Mrs.
Carson wasn’t happy.
I can’t have the 16 year old dealing with me.
That isn’t fair at all.
Elizabeth looked up and saw a stern look on Miss Bentner’s face.
Is it Miss? she said, adding the sign of respect.
Miss Bentner replied, You do have a choice.
Do I?” Elizabeth asked.
Do I, Miss, Hannah said sternly.
Elizabeth swallowed hard; sure she would pay for her omission later.
Do I, Miss? asked Elizabeth Yes.
I can deal with you as well as Emma.
Just like today in fact.
Really, Miss? Elizabeth asked.
There are conditions.
Miss? Elizabeth asked.
I will want disciplinary control over you.
So I won’t just deal with your Punishment Letters.
If I think you need a caning at any other time then you must accept my decision.
Elizabeth looked at the table as she quickly thought. Your_sexy_man sex webcams no signup.
Not such a bad choice actually.
Miss Bentner was sexier than Mrs Shilton, and she would far rather have her Emma watching then the brat Maisie.
She looked up at Miss Bentner and replied, Yes please, Miss.
Good, Miss Bentner said as she picked up the cane.
Talking about discipline I specifically told you to address me as ‘Miss,’ or Miss Bentner, didn’t I? Elizabeth groaned.
Yes, Miss, she replied.
So, two strokes for your omission.
Stick your bottom up for me, Mrs.
Elizabeth gripped the table again and stuck her bottom up.
On the one hand she didn’t want any more cane strokes but on the other Miss Bentner had given her three wonderful orgasms and she had to show her respect now.
Miss Bentner tapped the cane on the backs of Elizabeth’s legs and without waiting for an objection, in case one was coming, she brought the cane down hard across the backs of Elizabeth’s thighs.
The 36 year old screamed out.
Without even a second’s gap, the second cane stroke landed just below the first.
Elizabeth let out another loud scream.
Elizabeth heard the order, Get up woman and stand in front of me.
Put your hands on your head.
A sobbing Elizabeth stood up, faced Miss Bentner, and put her hands obediently on her head.
Miss Bentner looked at Elizabeth’s pussy and saw the hair that was the Brazilian cut still glistening in her own sex juice.
She looked at her tell-tale nipples and saw they were erect.
Miss Bentner knew that Elizabeth will be a very willing submissive.
Do you enjoy being in the Parent Discipline Scheme Mrs Carson? Jelenahotpusy italian nude webcame mobile.

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