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Steph watched Amy’s fingers slip around Phil’s glistening cock and hold it upright as she lowered herself to him.
Steph rocked and rotated against Jack’s hand.
His fingertip alternately brushed Steph’s clit and curled inside her.
His cock raged in Steph’s fingers.
Are you ready?” Jack asked.
Now?” Steph replied.
“Yes,” he answered.
Here?” “Fuck it,” Steph thought.
“I’m not waiting to get upstairs.
” And Steph probably also couldn‘t take her eyes off what she was watching.
Plus, there was nothing they hadn‘t apparently seen last week.
“Yes,” Steph answered.
Jack barely waited for Steph’s answer.
Steph stood, and he with her, his shorts dropping off, cock at full attention.
He spun the chair around so that Steph could kneel upon it, watching Amy and Phil over the back of the chair.
Jack pushed Steph’s dress up over her hips, and slid his finger into her, fingerfucking her.
Amy glanced over at them, and grinned.
I’m not the only lucky one, she said.
Nice cock, Jack.
Very nice.

I bet you love sucking that, Steph.
Neither Jack nor Steph knew what to say. Exxtazzy777 free live sex camfrog android indonesia.
They watched Amy’s ass raise and lower on Phil’s throbbing dick, her breasts in his face as he looked over her shoulder at Jack and Steph, with Steph’s breasts dangling over the back of the chair.
Jack stroked Steph’s clit and Steph rocked her hips but gasped, “FUCK me!” Jack thrust immediately inside her, all the way.
Steph groaned in pleasure.
“Yes!” “Oh fuck, Steph.
So fucking good,” he said through clenched teeth.
Amy’s ass slapped down over Phil’s dick.
She thrust her breast to his mouth and tossed her head back as shoe moaned.
She kept him impaled fully inside her and rotated her hips to grind against him.
Jack gripped Steph’s ass in his hands and his hips moved rapidly, Steph’s breasts swaying back and forth as he pounded into her.
You like that big dick?” Jack asked ambiguously, although Jack and Steph both knew — or at least Steph thought they were both thinking the same — what he meant.
“Oh yes.
Fuck yes,” Steph responded, letting go.
“That cock is so.
good,” Steph added, making eye contact with Phil, as Jack reached around and tugged upon Steph’s nipple.
Harder,” Steph gasped, and Jack pulled Steph’s nipple down.
Phil pulled out and rolled Amy to her back, his cock glistening above her for a moment before plunging back in.
Amy wrapped her legs around him and dug her heels into his muscular buttocks.
Her back arched as he thrust into her.
He pulled all the way out, tantalizing her with that dick before filling her back up.
Jack smacked Steph’s ass.
“Do you want it?” he asked.
“Yesssss,” Steph stammered.
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