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It was clear that he kept himself in great shape, and Maria wholeheartedly approved.
Next he unbuckled his belt and unfastened his jeans, dropping them to the floor.
Maria’s eyes instantly fixed on his boxers and she wasn‘t disappointed.
She saw the outline of his bulging cock and it was no small outline either! She felt her pussy spasm as she saw what was in store for her and she absentmindedly licked her lips.
She wanted what was under his shorts and she wanted it now! Maria laid there on the bed as Jimmy continued to get undressed.
Down to his boxers now, he hooked his thumbs under the waistband as Maria held her breath in anticipation.
She had seen the impressive bulge in his underwear the instant he had dropped his jeans, and now she wanted to see it in person.
Her eyes were locked on his crotch as he smiled then pulled his boxers off in one slick motion.
Jimmy’s stiff cock sprang to attention as it was freed from it’s cotton prison while Maria’s eyes widened and she gasped.
“Oh my God, Jimmy,” she said, without realizing she had spoken aloud until it was too late. Goodgirl99 free no sign sex chat.
She blushed at her words, but Jimmy just smiled again, proud that his cock could elicit such a reaction from her.
“You like what you see do you?” “Y.
Can I.
touch it?” she stammered, still staring at the enormous tool.
Jimmy stepped closer to the bed and Maria moved to the edge.
She reached out tentatively and lightly touched the tip with just her fingertips.
Realizing it was okay, she wrapped her hand around it and felt it pulsing and throbbing in her hand.
She softly stroked it, feeling the silky texture as well as the hardness of his cock.
She could feel her pussy tingling as if it was trying to ask for the cock itself.
Her heart was beating faster now and her breathing had quickened as well.
Maria marveled at the fact he had gotten her so worked up and yet he hadn‘t even touched her yet! But that was about to change.
As Maria stroked his cock, Jimmy stepped closer.
Now the tool was right in front of her and Maria glanced up searching his face for permission before taking him into her soft warm mouth.
His smile was permission enough.
His cock tasted as good as it looked and she softly moaned around it as she began bobbing up on down on the huge stiff member.
“That’s it, baby, suck that cock,” he said.
Maria moaned as she worked his cock with more enthusiasm at his coaching.
She reached up with one hand and began stroking his saliva-soaked cock with her hand as she sucked, adding a twist of her wrist on the down stroke. Kaelyndiva sexx video.

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