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The lady with Sam was taller and slimmer.
Her face reflected the years of hard work that she had put in.
It was that tired but determined look that people have when they accept that their life will always be one of hardship and toil.
After a briefteam talk’ about which rooms to begin in and what to do first, Sam disappeared upstairs with a vacuum cleaner and her partner started to dust the lounge where I was sitting, reading a book and listening to the radio.
I tried to concentrate on my book but I was mesmerized by the lady cleaning my lounge.
She was methodically moving around the room, spraying and dusting, not stopping for a second.
She was wearing the Domestic Angel’s uniform; black baggy jeans and a pink polo shirt with the logo on the breast pocket.
It was not a good look but then I suppose it was designed for comfort and ease of movement.
It was fun to watch someone else doing the work but then, as she turned to plug in the vacuum cleaner, she noticed that I watching her.
I felt like a naughty child who had been caught out doing something he really shouldn’t and I glowed with embarrassment. Unique143 free pon chat online.
I’m so sorry, I muttered.
I didn’t mean to look.
Oh yes you did.
She replied, smiling.
It’s all right.
I don’t mind you watching me.
I was only watching you work, I stammered.
I thought I might pick up some cleaning tips so that I keep it looking nice.
Don’t give me that crap, she laughed.
It must be every man’s dream to sit and watch a woman doing all the work.
I laughed too.
She was right.
I hated housework and it was kind of satisfying to watch someone else doing it.
How long have you been doing this cleaning job? I asked.
About six years now, she replied.
And do you enjoy it? Well I’ve always cleaned, so it’s no hardship, but I enjoy some parts of it.
I was intrigued.
What did she enjoy about housework? I couldn’t begin to imagine so I asked her what gave her job satisfaction.
I like to be watched.
It makes me feel.
We do a lot of jobs while the clients are out but I like it when they are at home, watching me clean.
Do you like watching me? I wasn’t sure what to say.
I decided to play it safe.
I enjoy watching you work.
She grinned.
That’s good.
Keep watching.
So I did.
She looked up to the ceiling and listened, as if she was checking that her partner was busy upstairs.
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