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Stop it.
We boys.
The struggles slowed, even if the resistance was still there.
It was the resistance of a man who didn’t want another man’s closeness, not right now.
Keyaron was drunk tired, and knew Cedric was probably the same.
If it had come toe to toe, the fight would have lasted longer in both of them.
He stared Cedric down, even though his boy wasn’t looking at him.
I’ll look out for you, nigga, Keyaron remarked, hard, and laiden with street meaning.
Know that.
I’ll keep you warm if you so fuckincold.
His mind was still on sex, as he started rubbing at Cedric’s stomach, rubbing his thin hoodie and t-shirt as it rode up on him there.
Keyaron saw the hint of the ripped abs he knew were down there.
It excited him enough to take the edge off his anger.
He let his head linger in closer, feeling his breath coming tighter, sharper.
Cedric was still struggling a bit, probably out of some sense that he had to.
Keyaron felt his whole body tense when his hand went up under his clothes, and came against warm, hard flesh. Rasonchik best ever free sex trial chat.
You fucking cold! Cedric protested, and Keyaron pulled him in sharp again.
Nigga! His hand dipped down behind belt and waistband, feeling cotton boxers and the dense scratch of Cedric’s pubes.
The motion had been so quick and unthought out.
Cedric hardened again under his arm, and his hand quickly found his boy’s dick, and grasped up about it.
As much as he hated touching another man‘s dick, maybe it would get him in the mood for what he wanted.
Nigga! Keyaron didn‘t answer, feeling some of the resistance fade away as he started playing with a skill that came from years of self experience.
Cedric‘s breath came in heavy, thick pants of mist that clouded before him, and tight gasps.
There was something nice about seeing him squirm like this, even if he did have to be touching on his prick.
At least it was starting to warm up his hand a bit.
Almost reason to keep it down there.
Said I’d keep you warm, Keyaron remarked, mock-hard now.
He knew he’d get his way this way.
Cedric was hardening up to a size Keyaron knew he wasn’t that intimate with.
Even if he had seen his boy’s cock enough times, it wasn‘t something he remembered.
It was just a tool for pissing and fucking when it was on another man.
Not that his own was much more.
Keyaron basked in the warmth.
It felt weird touching even a close homeboy like this, even if the ends justified the means.
Cedric’s breath was close and tight next to him.
Keyaron kept his own head close, speaking quiet through his bandanna as he jerked away in his friend‘s jeans, resting face against his shoulder. Lizasplendid_ wwwfree sexyonline video com.

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