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This lucky redhead could have lived entirely on her daddy’s payroll, but she wanted to make a career for herself and state her independence.
Obviously it didn’t hurt to have extra help when it came to self-establishment.
I was envious of her that way.
My family wasn’t rich, and I was estranged from my father.
To say that I had underlying daddy issues was a huge understatement.
I felt like an outcast among these cultured New Yorkers… the immigrant Canadian standing in the center like a loner, holding a pathetic red maple leaf that was supposed to represent nationalistic spirit.
Yeah, I’m Canadian, big whoop! To be more accurate, I felt like a nomad. Strxangelovex roomsbroadcast yourself sex cam free.
There was no place that really felt like home to me.
If only I could have clicked my heels and found myself standing in a reality that far resembled the one I was living at present.
I was willing to settle in a land full of munchkins and a lollypop guild.
While I was well on my way to drinking my second glass of wine, I noticed someone walk through Skylar’s front door, and I froze like a statue, glass in hand, fixed in place.
Warpaint’s Emily Kokal, was singing Love Is to Die, and strangely I felt like an extra standing on the set of a Hollywood chick flick.
This would’ve been the part where the handsome hottie would enter the scene, greet the friend, and lock eyes on his potential love interest.
And then it occurred to me that I didn’t want to be a nameless extra or supporting actress.
I wanted to be the female heroine, his gorgeous co-star radiating with star quality. Missjasmin adult chat ipod.

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