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Neither one of them moved for what seemed like an eternity.
Then Chad got up and threw a pair of boxers on to go make breakfast.
He opened a closet door and pulled out a robe for Reina to put on.
She hesitated, not wanting to start an argument, but not, any time soon in this universe, willing to put on a bathrobe that one of his whores had worn.
Chad looked at her and pretended to be offended.
Then he laughed, saying, You don’t honestly think I would let you wear a robe worn by anyone else, do you? Besides, they were all a good head and shoulders taller than you, you’d trip over the excess length.
Reina smiled, feeling more than a little delighted that Chad had a brandnew robe for her. Sexycindy tranny chat online.
Then she frowned for a second and said, Hey wait, this robe feels like it was custom made for me.
You couldn’t have had that done on less than a day’s notice.
You’d be right, my sweet love, he said as he helped her fasten the belt on the robe.
I had it made when you had that dress tailored for Jim and Sue’s wedding.
Once I had your measurements, it was easy.
Reina smiled and said, That was six months ago.
Chad looked at her, puzzled, and said, Yeah, so? So, it means you really did have intentions of bringing me here for a while now, she sighed wistfully.
You didn’t believe me? Chad asked, suddenly feeling a little hurt.
Oh, of course I believed you! Reina exclaimed.
But it doesn’t hurt to have evidence to back up your story! Chad laughed and said, Let’s feed you some breakfast, as I seem to recall missing dinner last night. Ollandy feeri sexy indion chat cam.

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