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After a brief introduction, Kayla said, “Come on in, the party‘s already started.
Bruce, I’ll get Alex to give you a quick tour of the place so you‘ll know where everything is.
Don’t hesitate asking for anything, my house is your house.
” I saw a man of perhaps forty-five walk up behind her.
He had black hair, brown eyes, and was also about 5’10” inches tall.
He was wearing matching blue shirt and pants.
The man didn’t look very muscular and, the paleness of his skin told me that either he didn‘t tan easily or worked indoors.
There appeared to be no calluses on his hands which, in my mind, confirmed the later. Hugecock23xx2 peer to peer sex chat.
Kayla introduced them, “Bruce, this is my husband Alex.
Alex this is Bruce.
He works with Teresa and Cheryl.
” After a few more pleasantries, I was taken inside and introduced to the other guests at the party, two women and two men.
There was Esmeralda Silva, a stunning beautiful dark complected thirty-eight year old Spanish woman.
She had shinny long, wavy, black hair that went down almost to the crack of her ass.
Esmeralda was wearing an emerald short-sleeve green dress.
The dress had a one inch choker color and rectangular neckline in the front.
I kept thinking to myself that I’d seen her somewhere before but couldn’t place it.
She told me that she was at the party alone.
Next there was couple, Annette Hurst and her date Gary Hull; they‘d arrived at the party together.
The first thing that I noted about Annette was she liked to giggle a lot.
She couldn‘t have weight more than 90 pounds fully clothed and soaking. Spankmeee free sex chat and cam no sign up.

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